[robotics-worldwide] Open Source Place Recognition Library

Henning Lategahn (MRT) henning.lategahn at kit.edu
Wed Apr 3 22:54:43 PDT 2013

Dear roboticists,

I would kindly like to draw your attention to a novel open source 
software library for place recognition under varying illumination 
conditions which is available at:


It presents DIRD based place recognition. Source code and datasets are 
made freely available and can be downloaded from the website.
The library can be used for loop closure detection in visual SLAM. It is 
written in C++, is self contained (no library dependency), easy to 
compile using CMake, runs on Linux and Windows and includes MATLAB 
wrappers as well as sample datasets. Moreover, the feature extraction is 
very fast (approx. 7ms on a single core). Place recognition is fast 
using SSE intrinsics. It is ready to use: No codebooks or the like are 
needed beforehand.

Best regards
Henning Lategahn

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