[robotics-worldwide] Planning Algorithms Software Engineer

Brooke Layton bLayton at ihmc.us
Tue Apr 9 12:42:25 PDT 2013

Planning Algorithms Software Engineer
We are seeking a Java software developer who is knowledgeable about planning algorithms and interested in semi-autonomous rotorcraft and humanoid robotics. The position will involve implementing, testing, and evaluating various planning algorithms, as well as integrating them into various projects which involve both semi-autonomous rotorcraft and humanoid robotics. Strong Java skills are required.

Ideal candidate should have the ability write clean code in Java to the highest standards; have an understanding of advanced level object-oriented programming concepts; have excellent analytical, problem solving and organizational skills. Applicants should have knowledge of planning algorithms. Applicants must have excellent communication and documentation skills, thriving in both a team and individual environment.

Minimum requirements for the successful candidate:

Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field
Authorized to work in the United States
Knowledge of planning algorithms
Proficient in Java

To Apply:
Complete the intensive, timed, Java challenge at Interview Street here:

***Note that you MUST follow the instructions here, or you will be given an automatic zero.***

Please note that the Java programming challenge is difficult and you will be given up to 16 hours to complete it. The test cannot be paused, so only begin the test when you are ready and have allotted adequate time and brainpower to complete the challenge.

Your score on the Java programming challenge will be factored into your application and is required to apply for this position.
Immediate openings. Salary Negotiable.
Questions: robotjobs at ihmc.us

This job posting will be active until April 19, 2013.

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