[robotics-worldwide] Robotica 31(5) August 2013

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Tue Apr 9 06:41:37 PDT 2013

Volume 31 Part 5 August 2013

Effects of distance and direction on tangential tactile perception of the index finger pad,
Greg Placencia, Mansour Rahimi and Behrokh Khoshnevis        679

A robust, multi-hypothesis approach to matching occupancy grid maps,
 Jose-Luis Blanco, Javier González-Jiménez and Juan-Antonio Fernández-Madrigal          687

An experimental setup for autonomous operation of surface vessels in rough seas,
Farshad Mahini, Leonard DiWilliams, Kevin Burke and Hashem Ashrafiuon        703

Gait generation via unified learning optimal control of Hamiltonian systems,
Satoshi Satoh, Kenji Fujimoto and Sang-Ho Hyon        717

Conditional Density Growth (CDG) model: a simplified model of RRT coverage for kinematic systems,
Joel M. Esposito        733

A flexible method combining camera calibration and hand–eye calibration,
Zijian Zhao and Ying Weng        747

Hierarchical safety supervisory control strategy for robot-assisted rehabilitation exercise,
Lizheng Pan, Aiguo Song, Guozheng Xu, Huijun Li, Baoguo Xu and Pengwen Xiong        757

Navigation of non-communicating autonomous mobile robots with guaranteed connectivity,
Ahmet Cezayirli and Feza Kerestecioðlu        767

A coordination-based CPG structure for 3D walking control,
Weiwei Huang, Chee-Meng Chew and Geok-Soon Hong        777

Bio-inspired backlash reduction of a low-cost robotic joint using closed-loop-commutated stepper motors,
József Veres, György Cserey and Gábor Szederkényi        789

Manipulability analysis of human thumb, index and middle fingers in cooperative 3D rotational movements of a small object,
M. Felix Orlando, Ashish Dutta, Anupam Saxena, Laxmidhar Behera, Tomoya Tamei and Tomohiro Shibata        797

Sinusoidal input-based visual control for nonholonomic vehicles,
M. Aranda, G. López-Nicolás and C. Sagüés        811

Tip-contact force control of a single-link flexible arm using feedback and parallel compensation approach,
Liang-Yih Liu and Hsiung-Cheng Lin        825 

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