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As noted in the Table of Contents below, the April 2013 issue of the IEEE 
Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (T-ASE) features a 
Guest Editorial by Vijay Kumar and SK Gupta on Exciting Trends in 
Manufacturing, new results from Efi Fogel and Danny Halperin on the 
open-source Computational Geometry Algorithms Library (CGAL) which offers 
guarantees of correctness, and papers on innovative topics such as using 
mobile phones as seismologic sensors, new sensors and actuators for micro- 
and nano-scale automation, and applications in steelmaking, trains, and 
power generation:


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         Table of Contents


Exciting Trends for Automation in Manufacturing
Gupta, S.K. ; Kumar, V.


Polyhedral Assembly Partitioning With Infinite Translations or The Importance 
Being Exact
Fogel, E. ; Halperin, D.

Mobile Phones as Seismologic Sensors: Automating Data Extraction for the iShake
Reilly, J. ; Dashti, S. ; Ervasti, M. ; Bray, J. D. ; Glaser, S. D. ; Bayen, A.

Design, Simulation, and Fabrication of Microneedles and a Blood Filter for Use
in a Hemofiltration System
Tayyaba, S. ; Ashraf, M. W. ; Afzulpurkar, N.

Experimental Analysis of Laser Interferometry-Based Robust Motion Tracking
Control of a Flexure-Based Mechanism
Bhagat, U. ; Shirinzadeh, B. ; Tian, Y. ; Zhang, D.

AFAM: An Articulated Four Axes Microrobot for Nanoscale Applications
Murthy, R. ; Stephanou, H. E. ; Popa, D. O.

AFM-Based Robotic Nano-Hand for Stable Manipulation at Nanoscale
Hou, J. ; Liu, L. ; Wang, Z. ; Wang, Z. ; Xi, N. ; Wang, Y. ; Wu, C. ; Dong, Z.
; Yuan, S.

A Geometric Distribution Reader Anti-Collision Protocol for RFID Dense Reader
Bueno-Delgado, M. V. ; Ferrero, R. ; Gandino, F. ; Pavon-Marino, P. ;
Rebaudengo, M.

An Effective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for a Real-World Hybrid Flowshop
Problem in Steelmaking Process
Pan, Q.-K. ; Wang, L. ; Mao, K. ; Zhao, J.-H. ; Zhang, M.

Coordinated Iterative Learning Control Schemes for Train Trajectory Tracking
With Overspeed Protection
Sun, H. ; Hou, Z. ; Li, D.

Energy Saving Opportunity Analysis of Automotive Serial Production Systems
Chang, Q. ; Xiao, G. ; Biller, S. ; Li, L.

Swarm Intelligence Approaches to Optimal Power Flow Problem With Distributed
Generator Failures in Power Networks
Kang, Q. ; Zhou, M. ; An, J. ; Wu, Q.

Adaptive Dispatching Rule for Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Facility
Li, L. ; Sun, Z. ; Zhou, M. ; Qiao, F.

Development and Evaluation of Object-Based Visual Attention for Automatic
Perception of Robots
Yu, Y. ; Gu, J. ; Mann, G. K. I. ; Gosine, R. G.

An Integrated Two-Level Self-Calibration Method for a Cable-Driven Humanoid Arm
Chen, Q. ; Chen, W. ; Yang, G. ; Liu, R.

Fault Detection by Labeled Petri Nets in Centralized and Distributed Approaches
Fanti, M. P. ; Mangini, A. M. ; Ukovich, W.

Performance Metrics of Speed and Separation Monitoring in Shared Workspaces
Marvel, J. A.

Hybrid Analysis in the Latent Nestling Method Applied to Fault Diagnosis
Rodriguez Urrego, L. ; Garcia Moreno, E. ; Morant Anglada, F. ; Correcher
Salvador, A. ; Quiles Cucarella, E.

Functional and Behavior Models for the Supervision of an Intelligent and
Autonomous System
Chatti, N. ; Gehin, A.-L. ; Ould-Bouamama, B. ; Merzouki, R.


Optimal Alarm Signal Processing: Filter Design and Performance Analysis
Cheng, Y. ; Izadi, I. ; Chen, T.

Similarity Analysis of Industrial Alarm Flood Data
Ahmed, K. ; Izadi, I. ; Chen, T. ; Joe, D. ; Burton, T.

Online Sensor Activation for Detectability of Discrete Event Systems
Shu, S. ; Huang, Z. ; Lin, F.

A Semi-Automated Positioning System for Contact-Mode Atomic Force Microscopy
Roy, R. ; Chen, W. ; Cong, L. ; Goodell, L. A. ; Foran, D. J. ; Desai, J. P.

An Assembly-Skill-Transferring Method for Cellular Manufacturing System—Part I:
Verification of the Proposed Method for Motor Skill
Duan, F. ; Gao, Q. ; Zhu, C. ; Kato, R. ; Arai, T.

Self-Configuration of Waypoints for Docking Maneuvers of Flexible Automated
Guided Vehicles
Herrero, D. ; Villagra, J. ; Martinez, H.

Thin Layer SOI-FETs Used for Stress-Sensing and Its Application in
Wang, H. ; Yang, J. ; Yan, S. ; Jin, Z.


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