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Tue Apr 16 04:25:27 PDT 2013

Dear colleagues,
We'd like to put into your attention the following announcement for a Summer School that we organize in University of the Aegean. We'd like to kindly ask you to distribute the following announcement to students/people that might be interested to participate.

With Kind Regards,

ACADEM 2013 Organizing Committee<https://academ2013.pns.aegean.gr/64-summerschools/academ2013/619-committee>

The Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering (University of the Aegean) organizes ACADEM’13 Summer School on “Advanced Technologies in Product Design, Engineering and Manufacturing” at its facilities in Syros Island, Greece, 1-11 July, 2013.

ACADEM'13 addresses the three basic pillars of the product life-cycle CAD – CAM – CAE and includes theoretical lectures integrated with a comprehensive set of lab exercises. The school refers to professionals and students of any academic level (undergraduate, M.Sc., Ph.D.) that are willing to indulge in three-dimensional detailed design of a product and learn how to analyze its behavior under realistic conditions, optimize its design by selecting appropriate materials and plan its manufacturing process. All undergraduate students that will successfully fulfill course requirements will receive 5 ECTS. All attendees will receive a an official certificate from the University of the Aegean.

For further information please follow the link of ACADEM’13 summer school: https://academ2013.pns.aegean.gr

The school poster can be found here<https://academ2013.pns.aegean.gr/64-summerschools/academ2013/622-poster>.
The school invited speakers can be found here<https://academ2013.pns.aegean.gr/64-summerschools/academ2013/624-speakers>.
The school organizing committee can be found here<https://academ2013.pns.aegean.gr/64-summerschools/academ2013/619-committee>.

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