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                            CALL FOR PAPERS
                    2nd Workshop on Robots in Clutter:
                   Preparing Robots for the Real World
                    Berlin, Germany, June 27, 2013

Important Dates:
Submissions due:             May 10, 2013
Notification of acceptance:  May 31, 2013
Final papers due:            June 14, 2012
Workshop date:               June 27, 2013

Motivation and Objectives:
While recent advances in robotics tackle increasingly impressive 
problems, roboticists so far tend to shy away from specifically 
addressing many of the problems related to clutter. Vision for example 
faces the problem of segmenting task-relevant objects amidst clutter and 
occlusions. Unexpected changes of the dynamic scene pose challenges for 
maintaining valid and tractable scene representations for navigation. 
Domain knowledge in a cluttered environment must necessarily be 
incomplete, and action planning must be able to accommodate new, often 
uncertain information on the fly. Manipulation cannot expect precise 
pose knowledge of all objects in a pile, let alone all contact 
relations. Human robot interaction in crowded scenes needs to keep track 
of various strands of dialogue and deal with intermittent and sporadic 
user involvement. Finally, what is meant by ``robust to clutter'' is 
difficult to define and adequate benchmarks are still missing.

All these problems, however, will become increasingly manifest as robots 
move into unstructured domestic, industrial or outdoor settings. 
Following in the footsteps of the first Workshop on Robots in Clutter 
held at RSS 2012, this workshop brings together researchers from 
different robotics domains to discuss experience with and ideas for 
handling various problems induced by clutter, and to advance 
theoretically founded and system-wide approaches of handling clutter.

To establish problems and methods related to clutter as a distinct and 
recognisable topic within the community we will pursue the publication 
of selected workshop contributions as a special journal issue. We will 
furthermore use the outcome of the discussions at the workshop to 
formulate a white paper on the topic and to establish a working group on 
robots in clutter.

The 1-day workshop will consist of invited talks, contributed paper 
talks, a contributed demo and poster session and a plenary discaussion. 
  The poster session will be held together with the 4th Workshop on 
RGB-D: Advanced Reasoning with Depth Cameras 

We invite paper submissions, optionally accompanied by a video, as well 
as demo submissions. All submissions will be reviewed (single blind) by 
the program committee.  Papers should be up to 6 pages in length, and 
formatted according to the RSS style.
All accepted work will be published in the arXiv citable digital 
archive.  Furthermore, we will pursue the publication of selected 
workshop contributions as a special journal issue.

We invite submissions in the areas of (listed in no particular order)
* Sensing and perception in cluttered scenes (table tops, rooms, outdoors)
* Navigation in cluttered and dynamic environments
* Manipulation of objects in clutter (complex object arrangements, 
piles, heaps)
* Planning in an uncertain and open world
* System-level approaches to robustness and scalability
* We specifically invite demos for the interactive demo and poster session

Invited Talks:
Wolfram Burgard, University of Freiburg, Germany
Dov Katz, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Aude Billard, Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL), France
Christian Dornhege, University of Freiburg, Germany

Program Committee:
Niklas Bergström, Centre for Autonomous Systems, KTH
Matei Ciocarlie, Willow Garage
Renaud Detry, University of Liege
Mehmet Dogar, Carnegie Mellon University
Karol Hausman, Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group, TUM
Tucker Hermans, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dirk Holz, University of Bonn
Norbert Krueger, The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, University of 
Southern Denmark
Manuel Lopes, INRIA
Gian Diego Tipaldi, University of Freiburg
Markus Vincze, Vienna University of Technology

Michael Zillich, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Maren Bennewitz, University of Freiburg, Germany
Maria Fox, King's College London, UK
Justus Piater, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Dejan Pangercic, Bosch RTC Palo Alto, USA

mailto:clutter13 at acin.tuwien.ac.at

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