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Michael A. Goodrich mike at cs.byu.edu
Thu Apr 18 09:20:47 PDT 2013

*Journal of Human-Robot Interaction*

*Special Issue on Design in HRI: Past, Present and Future*

Much like computing in general has become increasingly mobile, 
ubiquitous and part of everyday life, someday in the future we may find 
robots assisting humans in situations well beyond their current use. 
They may become assistants, workmates, entertainers, even socializers. 
But to achieve this will require careful consideration of the role and 
effect of robots in our lives. As robot technology becomes more 
commonplace, the design aspects will become increasingly important.

The design community has established many methods for creating engaging 
artifacts, and has branched out into subfields such as interaction 
design and product design, which are highly relevant for the HRI field. 
Designers have unique opportunities to improve the overall appeal and 
usefulness of robotic products well beyond their technical function and 
capabilities. Finally, designers are well equipped to envision and 
understand the implications and potential of new technologies through 
techniques such as concept development, sketching and lo-fi prototyping.

To highlight this rising importance of design in HRI, we are inviting 
submissions to a Special Issue on Design in Human-Robot Interaction: 
Past, Present and Future. To solicit a wide range of submissions, we 
suggest the following categories:

-Research papers: Reports on scientific advances in HRI design, 
including but not limited to methodological, empirical, quantitative or 
qualitative results

-Design stories: How an HRI system was designed encompassing the whole 
process, from idea to evaluation

-Design briefs: Highly visual accounts of specific designs, e.g. a 
particular robotic artifact or function

-Retrospectives: Accounts of historical relevance to the development of 
design in HRI

-Future watch: Forward-looking submissions that paint a picture of the 
future of human-robot interaction, including but not limited to design 
concepts, staged interaction and experiments, technical speculation, etc.

Submissions are in no way limited to the above categories; if you have 
other ideas you would like to discuss, please contact the editors!

A unique feature in this special issue is that the authors of accepted 
papers will be invited to present their paper at HRI2014 (the 9th 
ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, 
http://humanrobotinteraction.org/2014). This opportunity will allow 
authors to present their work to a large audience, and to improve the 
quality and profile of design papers at the HRI conference.

We look forward to seeing your submission!

/Special issue editors:/

Lars Erik Holmquist, Yahoo! Labs (larserik at yahoo-inc.com)

Jodi Forlizzi, Carnegie Mellon University (forlizzi at cs.cmu.edu)


July 27, 2013: Deadline for submissions

July 28-Sept 8, 2013: Review process

Sept 15, 2013: Feedback to authors

Oct 15, 2013: Revised versions due

March 1, 2014: Publication of special issue

Michael A. Goodrich
Professor, Computer Science
Brigham Young University

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