[robotics-worldwide] ISO TC184/SC2/WG7 Workshop on Personal Care Robots 24 June 2013, BRL, UWE, Bristol, UK

Yiannis Gatsoulis I.Gatsoulis at ulster.ac.uk
Wed Apr 17 07:04:08 PDT 2013


ISO TC184/SC2/WG7 (Personal care robot safety) would like to announce the
1st International Workshop on Personal care robots in collaboration with
CLAWAR Association Ltd; University of the West of England Bristol, UK;
University of Gävle, Sweden; and the EXO-LEGS (www.exo-legs.org) project
funded under the EC’s Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (
www.aal-europe.eu) for elderly persons.

There is considerable activity in developing non-industrial robots for new
environments and personal care and medical applications are the main
drivers for the new types of service robots emerging for non-manufacturing
applications. The ISO TC184/SC2 (Robots and robotics devices) Technical
Committee (www.sis.se/popup/iso/isotc184sc2) is the main ISO committee
developing robot standards under the following work groups: • WG 1:
Vocabulary and characteristics of robots, Convenor Prof Soon-Geul Lee,
Kyung-Hee University, South Korea.

• WG 3: Industrial robot safety, Convenor Jeff Fryman, Robotics Industries
Association, USA

• WG 7: Personal care robot safety, Convenor Prof Gurvinder S Virk, CLAWAR
Association, UK, and University of Gävle & KTH Royal Institute of
Technology, Sweden.

• JWG9: Medical electrical equipment and systems using robotic technology
(joint group with IEC TC62/SC62A), Convenor Prof Gurvinder S Virk, CLAWAR
Association, UK and University of Gävle & KTH, Sweden.

• WG 8: Service robots, Convenor Prof Seungbin Moon, Sejong University,
South Korea.

WG7 is working on ISO 13482 due out in August 2013 presenting the safety
requirements for personal care robots. The standard defines personal care
robots and classifies them into three robot classes, namely mobile servant
robot, physical assistant robots and person carrier robots.

The aim of the workshop is to announce the publication of this new ISO
13482 standard and bring the ongoing and future robot standardisation
activities to the attention of the stakeholder communities so that full
participation can be facilitated and future cooperation ensured.

Special emphasis will be given to physical assistant exoskeletons forming
part of the physical assistant robots covered within ISO 13482. These
assistive exoskeletons could have high potential to maintain the mobility
of elderly persons and help them remain independent and active living in
their homes for as long as possible.

For further details please contact:

Prof Gurvinder S. Virk, University of Gavle, Sweden

Email: gsvirk at clawar.org

Kind Regards,*

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