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PhD Fellowships in the domain of Artificial Perception :: Bayesian
Multimodal Perception




Two position for PhD fellowships will open soon for the BAMBI project
(Bottom-up Approaches to Machines dedicated to Bayesian Inference), funded
by the European Commission under the FET Project - FP7-ICT-2013-C.
Provisional applications should be sent no later than 30 September, 2013,
for pre-evaluation. For more information on the project and the position,
please read the text transcribed below and/or send an e-mail to: Jorge Lobo
(jlobo at isr.uc.pt),  Jorge Dias (jorge at isr.uc.pt) or João Filipe Ferreira
(jfilipe at isr.uc.pt).


Scientific area: 

Electronic Engineering and Computer Sciences - Robotics and Automation



A MSc degree (5 years of University Studies) in Electronic/Electrical
Engineering or Computer Science. Preference is given to candidates with
academic background with a MSc thesis experience in computer hardware,
programmable digital devices and distributed computing.


Work plan: 

The Candidates will be do the PhD Studies on computational theory and
hardware implementation of probabilistic computation. The research will
study probabilistic computation following two major axes: algebra and
reconfigurable hardware. The activities will be in coordination with the
Project Team at University of Coimbra ensuring the successful implementation
of the aims of BAMBI project (Bottom-up Approaches to Machines dedicated to
Bayesian Inference),



The studies and academic training will be executed at the University of
Coimbra with support of the Mobile Robotics Laboratory (
<http://mrl.isr.uc.pt> http://mrl.isr.uc.pt) from the Institute of Systems
and Robotics ( <http://www.isr.uc.pt> http://www.isr.uc.pt). The activities
will be under the scientific advising of Prof Jorge Dias and Prof Jorge
Lobo, with support of Dr. João Filipe Ferreira. The research activities may
include short academic visit periods at other partners  within the BAMBI
project consortium.


Temporal span: 

The Fellowship corresponds contract expectedly starting in January 2013, and
conditionally renewable for an additional three year period depending on the
Candidate's performance. The contract include an initial probation period of
three months before became effective.


Summary of the project: 

We propose a theory and a hardware implementation of probabilistic
computation inspired by biochemical cell signaling. We will study
probabilistic computation following three axes: algebra, biology, and
hardware. In each case, we will develop a bottom-up hierarchical approach
starting from the elementary components, and study how to combine them to
build more complex systems. We propose Bayesian gates operating on
probability distributions on binary variables as the building blocks of our
probabilistic algebra. These Bayesian gates can be seen as a generalization
of logical operators in Boolean algebra. We propose to interpret elementary
cell signaling pathways as biological implementation of these probabilistic
gates. In turn, the key features of biochemical processes give new insights
for innovative probabilistic hardware implementation. We propose to
associate conventional electronics and novel stochastic nano-devices to
build the required hardware elements. Combining them will lead to new
artificial information processing systems, which could, in the future,
outperform classical computers in tasks involving a direct interaction with
the physical world. For these purposes, the BAMBI project associates
research in Bayesian probability theory, molecular biology, nanophysics,
computer science and electronics.


On behalf of BAMBI project’s team at University of Coimbra


João Filipe Ferreira, PhD

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