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>From Remotely-Controlled to Autonomous-Collaborative Robots
a fullday IROS 2013 Workshop on November 3, 2013

To further enrich the workshop program we solicit short (2-4 pages) papers to be presented as posters at the workshop. Depending on the quality of the work, and on the schedule of the workshop, some contribution may be selected for oral presentation. Contributions should be formatted according to the IROS conference template (TEX or word). Papers should be submitted as pdf files to:

m.fumagalli at utwente.nl<mailto:m.fumagalli at utwente.nl>.

Important dates:
September  15, 2013 Submission deadline
October 5, 2013 Notification


link: http://www.ce.utwente.nl/fgl/workshop/WS_IROS2013

Matteo Fumagalli - University of Twente
Abeje Y. Mersha - University of Twente
Fredrik Heintz - Linköping University

The use of unmanned vehicles has been investigated mostly as single autonomous and/or remotely piloted system. New developments are shifting the line of research towards the cooperation of multiple heterogeneous vehicles. The capabilities of heterogeneous robotic agents performing collaborative tasks, by means of physical interaction, information sharing and/or dynamic action planning, drastically increase the application spectrum that these robotic vehicles can be considered for. As a consequent advantage of their increasing autonomy, the human becomes capable to manage and direct a larger number of robots. Nevertheless, to effectively utilize their real potentials in realistic scenarios, deep understanding of the dynamic behaviors, technological and morphological limitations, but also of the capabilities and skills of both the individual agents and the collaborative group, is fundamental.

This workshop aims at unifying and advancing the current research on agile and dexterous unmanned vehicles, for their future development and effective use as teams of collaborative robots in real applications. The workshop wants to draw new research lines leading to the exploitation of teams of intelligent swarms of heterogeneous robots capable of achieving collaborative tasks. The role of the human as a remote supervisor or active player in the scene will also be extensively discussed.

List of Topics
- Collaborative human robot scenarios
- Heterogeneity as a key feature for collaboration
- Dynamic planning of multi-agent cooperation
- From data sharing to physical interaction
- Human in the loop, Teleoperation and Autonomous Control

Intended audience
The workshop aims at accommodating researchers in control of unmanned vehicles, multi-agent systems, machine learning, teleoperation, robot-robot, robot-environment and human-robot interaction.

Matteo Fumagalli

Robotics And Mechatronics
University of Twente
PO Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede (NL)
Phone: (+31)53-489-2788
email: m.fumagalli at utwente.nl

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