[robotics-worldwide] Robohub focus series on high-risk/high-reward robotics

Sabine Hauert shauert at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 6 06:54:22 PDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Robohub is a nonprofit that brings together leading communicators in robotics research, start-ups, business, and education to provide high-quality information to the general public:

I thought you might be interested by Robohub's latest focus series on high-risk/high-reward robotics:

The series includes the following contributions:

Potential Game-Changers
Surface telerobotics ­ - Terry Fong - NASA
Space mining ­ - Kris Zacny - HoneyBee Robotics
DARPA robotics challenge - Gill Pratt, Brian Gerkey - DARPA, OSRF
Human Brain Project ­ - Florian Röhrbein - TUM
euRathlon - Alan Winfield - UWE Bristol
Cultibotics - John Payne - Robohub

Funding & Support
Crowd-funding - Andra Keay - Robot LaunchPad
Venture capital - Dmitry Grishin - Grishin Robotics
Tech transfer - Rich Mahoney - SRI International
Tech transfer - Peter Seitz, Roland Siegwart - ETH Zurich
NSF grants - Marc Rothenburg - NSF

Social & Legal
Transformative research - Juan D. Rogers - GATech
Intuitive surgical - Frank Tobe - The Robot Report
Frontier robotics in China - Chen Fei - IIT

You can find our previous focus series on jobs here:

Finally, we are always looking for contributions from researchers. Robohub allows you to engage directly with your peers and the general public and is followed by major blogs in robotics and mainstream media. You can send us an email at info at robohub.org or learn more here:

Thank you!
The Robohub Team

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