[robotics-worldwide] Call for Papers IEEE SSD 2014 - Special Session on Micro Aerial Vehicles

wilbert.aguilar at upc.edu wilbert.aguilar at upc.edu
Tue Aug 6 10:53:59 PDT 2013

Dear Researchers,

We would like to inform that a special session on Control, Navigation,
Vision Systems and Algorithms for Micro Aerial Vehicles, in the
International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals and Devices 2014
http://www.ssd-conf.org/ssd14/, is now open for submissions.

* [Title] *
Control, Navigation, Vision Systems and Algorithms for Micro Aerial Vehicles

* [Scope] *
This is a special session related to contributions in the emerging
branch of micro aerial vehicles, which have attracted a great interest
for their indoor navigation capabilities. These contributions are
focused on flight controllers, navigation algorithms, and
particularly, on vision systems.
Micro aerial vehicles have a large number of applications in search,
rescue, vigilance, mapping, audiovisual, and others areas where
cameras play an important role. The vehicles can have access to
various narrow landscapes but present problems of stability and
limited computational power. Hence, it is necessary to create new
algorithms and systems for control, navigation and vision oriented to
this kind of platforms.
Although our primary interest is in visual systems for micro aerial
vehicles, the problems of control and navigation have a close
relation with these systems. Each contribution, application or
innovation for any of these fields is welcome in this special session.

* [Topics of interest] *
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Video stabilization for micro aerial vehicles
- Vision-based state estimation
- Visual odometry
- Visual pose estimation
- Target Relative Navigation
- Bio-Inspired Optic Flow Navigation
- Vision-based perception
- Visual simultaneous mapping and localization
- Vision-based target detection and tracking
- Vision-based mapping
- Mission-oriented perception
- Mapless-based obstacle detection
- Visual-inertial systems
- Embedded vision systems
- LIDAR-based perception
- LIDAR-based Simultaneous Localization And Mapping
- LIDAR-based Simultaneous Mapping And Planning
- LIDAR-based Safe Landing Area Detection
- State estimation using range sensors
- State estimation using IMU/GPS systems
- Navigation, path planning and trajectory optimization
- Learning-based flight control systems
- Linear flight control systems
- Model-based nonlinear flight control system
- RGB-D sensors
- Real-time and hardware implementations of image processing methods
- Sensor design and integration

* [Important dates] *
September 15, 2013 Submission of extended Abstracts
December 01, 2013 Notification of Acceptance
December 15, 2013 Submission of full Papers

* [Submission Instructions] *
Paper submission information is available in:

Students participation is strongly encouraged.


Wilbert G. Aguilar
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - UPC BarcelonaTech

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