[robotics-worldwide] Postdoc Position at ISIR - Paris, France - in Robotized Image Mosaicing.

Guillaume Morel morel at isir.upmc.fr
Tue Aug 13 00:12:38 PDT 2013

Dear roboticists,

ISIR, a French UPMC-CNRS laboratory dedicated to robotics and 
intelligent systems and located in the Quartier Latin, downtown Paris,  
is offering a Postdoc position in the team AGATHE - Assistance to 
Gesture with Application to THErapy.
The PERSEE project's objective is to robotize the deployment of a 
confocal endomicroscopic probe in a patient's abdomen to perform optical 
biopsies. A confocal endomicroscopic probe is a 2mm diameter flexible 
tubular device, which, when stably put in contact of an organ, provides 
real time video stream (12 images / sec) of the tissue at the cell scale 
(resolution=1 micrometer; image size=200x200 micrometers). To produce 
larger images, which are required for cancer diagnostics by 
pathologists, it is necessary to sweep the organ surface thanks to a 
robotic mechanism, to record the images, and then to assemble perform 
Based on the first results obtained in both the design and control of 
the device, see e.g. [1], the objective of the successful applicant will 
be to robustify the mosaicing algorithm thanks to the a priori knowledge 
of the motion of the probe produced by the robotic device.
Necessary skills: Image processing, Artificial Vision, Image Registration.
Additional (optional) skills: mosaicing, robotics, control, medical 
Application procedure: Please send an email with a resume and a list of 
3 references to Guillaume.Morel at upmc.fr.
Application deadline: Sept. 20th, 2013. The postdoctoral period should 
start ASAP.

[1] Rosa B, Erden MS, Vercauteren T, Herman B and Szewczyk, J and Morel, 
G (2013). Building large mosaics of confocal endomicroscopic images 
using visual servoing. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. Vol 
60 No 4 Pages 1041 - 1049. http://www.isir.upmc.fr/files/2012ACLI2722.pdf
Video on the project: 

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