[robotics-worldwide] IROS 2013 Workshop on Neuroscience and Robotics: Call for Papers

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Tue Aug 20 00:13:18 PDT 2013


IROS 2013 Workshop on Neuroscience and Robotics
"Towards a robot-enabled, neuroscience-guided healthy society"


Submission deadline: September 6, 2013

We are experiencing fast paced developments in robotics and
neural sciences. Robots are becoming more and more part of our
daily lives; in the near future they will be with us as
companions, caregivers, smart prosthetics, and nano-robots in our
bodies. The progress in neural sciences accelerated by brain
imaging, clever behavioral experimentation and technical
advancements such as multi-electrode recordings, better analysis
techniques and neuroinformatics tools. Compared to twenty years
ago, now the existing neuroscientific data and knowledge are more
easily accessible, and thus available for building robotic
systems that can exhibit the robustness, adaptability and
intelligence of humans. Reciprocally, significant developments in
robotics and machine learning put robotics in the service of
neuroscience as experimental platforms or test-beds of brain

We are witnessing the growth of a solid interdisciplinary
research frontier, which on one hand uses neuroscience for better
robotics and intelligent systems, and on the other hand, uses
robotics to better understand human cognition and intelligence.

With this full-day workshop we aim to bring in the pioneers in
this frontier for further fostering this interdisciplinary effort
by facilitating the exchange of ideas among researchers from
diverse fields. The ultimate goal is to disseminate the current
state of the art and set the research targets that need to be
reached to ensure a robot-enabled, neuroscience-guided healthy

We will have distinguished speakers who are the forerunners of
this interdisciplinary research effort.

* Minoru Asada, Osaka University
* Jan Babic, Jozef Stefan Institute
* Daniel Callan, NICT
* Auke Ijspeert, EPFL
* Motoaki Kawanabe, ATR
* Abderrahmane Kheddar, AIST
* Thomas Mergner, Neurologische Klinik
* Akira Murata, Kinki University
* Tomoyuki Noda, ATR
* Helge Ritter, Bielefeld University
* Joern Vogel, DLR
* Florentin Worgotter, University of Goettingen

Submissions are solicited in two categories:
- Regular papers (6 pages)
- Extended abstracts (2-4 pages).

All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Authors of accepted
regular papers will be given 20-25 minutes for oral presentation
including QAs. Accepted extended abstracts will be presented
in poster form.

We invite contributions in the following topics that are
indicative but by no means exhaustive:
- Augmentative Robotics
   *  Brain like adaptation
   *  Brain robot interfaces (BRI)
   *  Lightweight exoskeletons, wearable robots
   *  Experimental platforms for investigating brain functions
   *  Learning
   *  Feed-forward interfaces, feedback interfaces
   *  Invasive interfaces, non-invasive interfaces
   *  Novel actuation systems, novel sensory systems (e.g. artificial skins)
- Companion Robots
   *  Brain like cognition
   *  Biologically plausiable computational models
   *  Brain inspired motor control
   *  Models of sensorimotor learning
   *  Intention inference
   *  Human behaviour understanding
   *  Human like behaviour
   *  Physical compliance
   *  Emotion modelling
   *  Assistive systems
   *  Android science

Submission of papers:         September 6, 2013
Notification of acceptance:   September 27, 2013
Submission of final papers:   October 7, 2012
Workshop:                     November 3, 2012

* Emre Ugur, Innsbruck University, Austria
* Erhan Oztop, Ozyegin University, Turkey
* Jun Morimoto, ATR, Japan
* Shin Ishii, Kyoto University, Japan

Emre Ugur, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral researcher
Intelligent and Interactive Systems
Institute of Computer Science,
University of Innsbruck, Austria.
email: emre.ugur at uibk.ac.at

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