[robotics-worldwide] Ph.D. Assistantship Available on Aerial Robots at the University of Kansas

Chao, Haiyang chaohaiyang at ku.edu
Mon Aug 26 15:49:37 PDT 2013

We have two immediate openings for Ph.D. graduate research assistants on estimation and control of aerial robots/UAVs at the Aerospace Engineering Department of the University of Kansas (http://people.ku.edu/~h512c315/). 
The successful candidates will work on developing new methodologies and novel systems to increase the safety, intelligence, and robustness of both manned and unmanned aircraft (flying robot). 
Current research topics include 

(1) vision-aided navigation (e.g., optical flow),    
(2) small UAV development for remote sensing, 
(3) wind/turbulence/wake sensing and wind soaring, 
(4) cooperative control (e.g., tight formation flight), etc. 
The long term goal is to understand how birds interact with surrounding environments such as obstacles or winds, and utilize these strategies to help solving real-world engineering problems. Emphasis will be put on new algorithm/system development as well as flight test validations using small aerial robots, or unmanned aircraft systems.  
Applicants should hold a B.S. or M.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related fields.
Desired candidates should have combined skills of both control/estimation theories and hands-on capabilities for small UAV development and flight testing. 

Desired skills include:    
 (1)Flight controller/estimation filter design (e.g. PID/LQR controller, Kalman filter), 
 (2)C and MATLAB/Simulink programming, 
 (3)Embedded system development. 

Students with experiences on Remote Controlled (RC) airplanes and Paparazzi /Procerus/Piccolo autopilots are especially welcomed to apply. 
Please contact Assistant Professor Haiyang Chao (<mailto:chaohaiyang at ku.edu>) with detailed CV and copies of transcript(s) for initial review. 
The University of Kansas (KU) is among the 63 members of the Association of American Universities, an organization of leading research universities devoted to maintaining a strong system of academic research and education. General guideline of admission
to graduate study at KUAE is referred to http://ae.engr.ku.edu/graduate/admissions.html. 

Haiyang Chao

Ph.D. & Assistant Professor
Department of Aerospace Engineering 
University of Kansas
2120 Learned Hall 1530 W 15th St. 
Lawrence, KS 66045

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