[robotics-worldwide] Research and Engineering Position in Machine Learning, Computer, Vision, and Robotics

Urs Muller urs.muller at net-scale.com
Wed Aug 28 05:28:55 PDT 2013

Research and Engineering Position in Machine Learning, Computer
Vision, and Robotics

Net-Scale Technologies, Inc.
281 State Hwy 79, Morganville, NJ 07751

Net-Scale Technologies, Inc., is converting new scientific results
into industrial products. We has been the prime contractor for several
past and current robotics, machine learning, and data security related
DARPA and other DoD programs.

We are now developing a complete, self-contained autonomous navigation
system for mobile robots that learns quickly, uses commodity
components, and has the added benefit of emitting no radiation
signature. It builds on the autonomous navigation technology developed
by New York University (NYU) and Net-Scale Technologies, Inc. during
the DARPA Learning Applied to Ground Robots (LAGR) program and takes
advantage of recent scientific advancements achieved during the DARPA
Deep Learning program.

Job description:

The successful candidate will have the overall responsibility for
integrating our existing and new technology with our development robot
system, and for porting the technology onto a commercial robot
platform. He or she will have access to the computer vision, machine
learning, and robotics technology developed by NYU and by Net-Scale
and will be working with many of the scientists who created it. His or
her activities further include coordinating and facilitating the work
among the various team members, upgrading the compute hardware of our
development robot to a faster system, including GPUs, detailed
analysis of the system performance and failure modes, creating or
improving the required visualization tools for this analysis, and the
active participation in the scientific dialog inside and outside of
our team to further advance passive autonomous vehicle navigation


The prerequisites for this position include a strong desire to create
end-to-end working systems that use the latest scientific results.
Practical experience with computer and robot hardware and software are
essential.  Sufficient educational background to understand the
science and mathematics involved in the above technology is important.
Practical experience with machine learning, specifically deep
learning, and with computer vision are of advantage, as is working
knowledge of the following tools and languages: Linux, Torch
(www.torch.ch), OpenCV, ROS (ros.org), Qt, Lua, C, C++, Git, Redmine.

Work location:

The primary work location is at Net-Scale Technology, Inc. in
Morganville, New Jersey. Regular meetings will be held at NYU in

Start date and duration:

The position is available immediately with an expected start date in
September 2013 and a duration of 12-15 months.


To apply, please send your resume and a short letter of motivation
stating your interest in the position and why you feel qualified for
it to Urs Muller <urs.muller at net-scale.com>.

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