[robotics-worldwide] Call for Participation: Summer School on Electronic Skin Technology

Philipp Mittendorfer philipp.mittendorfer at tum.de
Tue Aug 27 05:13:51 PDT 2013

Whole-body artificial skin currently receives an increase of attention in robotics.
This is due to the fact that every physical interaction of a robot, with an (unknown) object or (unstructured) environment, is finally grounded on its surface.
A layer of multi-modal sensors located on this surface will give direct and untethered feedback about the quality and quantity of contacts.

CONTEST is a multi-site initial training network funded by European Commission with complementary industrial and academic partners.
It brings together experts from electronics and robotics to investigate various critical aspects towards the development of a wearable smart skin.

The aim of this first summer school is to transfer technology knowledge for the creation of future electronic skin.
It will cover topics on sensor development, materials, manufacturing technologies and integration of artificial skin on robots.

Guided tour through the two STMicroelectronics semiconductor fabrication plants in Catania


contest-events at fbk.eu

Catania Palace Hotel, Catania, Italy

Registration Deadline:	4th September 2013
Summer School:			11-13th September 2013

Arokia Nathan			University of Cambridge
Francesco Priolo			University of Catania
Franco Cacialli			University College London
Paolo Lugli				Technische Universität München
Marco Sampietro			Politecnico di Milano
Filippo Giannazzo		CNR
Leandro Lorenzelli		Fondazione Bruno Kessler
Christof Landesberger	Fraunhofer EMFT
Luigi Occhipinti			ST Microelectronics
Bruno Pignataro			Universita di Palermo
Philipp Mittendorfer		Technische Universität München
Romain Coppard			CEA-LITEN

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