[robotics-worldwide] CFP: Workshop @ Humanoids 2013: Benchmarking of Human-Like Robot Reaching Motions

Khansari Zadeh Seyed Mohammad mohammad.khansari at epfl.ch
Sat Aug 31 07:22:55 PDT 2013

Call for Participation

We enthusiastically invite researchers in Generating Human-Like Robot Reaching Motions to participate in our half-day workshop at Humanoids 2013.

Workshop Title: "Benchmarking of State-of-the-Art algorithms in Generating Human-Like Robot Reaching Motions"

October 15th, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Webpage: http://www.amarsi-project.eu/news/humanoids-2013-workshop

- Sep.   5, 2013:       One-page abstract submission
- Sep. 15, 2013:       Notification of acceptance
- Sep. 30, 2013:       Submission of final trained model for the Benchmark
- Oct.  05, 2013:       Notification of benchmark result
- Oct.  15, 2013:       Workshop day

Mohammad Khansari (EPFL), Andre Lemme (Bielefeld University), Yaron Meirovitch (Weizmann Institute of Science),
Benjamin Schrauwen (Ghent University), Martin A. Giese (University Clinic Tubingen),
Auke. J. Ijspeert (EPFL), Aude Billard (EPFL), and Jochen Steil (Bielefeld University)

This workshop aims at benchmarking state-of-the-art learning algorithms for modeling kinematics in human reaching motions. It is timely as an increasing variety of different approaches in generating human-like robot motions in the field call for standardized and systematic comparisons. This workshop provides the opportunity to understand and to compare methods through an open-source benchmark software framework that has been developed in the European project AMARSi (http://www.amarsi-project.eu/). This benchmark evaluates algorithms on a library of human motions based on a variation of criteria such as "level of similarity to human motions", "accuracy in reaching the goal state", "adaptability to changes dynamic environments", "robustness to perturbations", etc. This workshop thereby allows participants to discuss strengths and drawbacks of existing approaches based on a common basis which is essential for researchers in the field.

Topics of interest:
- Reaching motions, point-to-point motions, discrete motions
- Human-like robot motions
- Standardized and systematic comparisons of different movement generation algorithms
- Dynamical systems, Movement Primitives, Motion Generations, Motion Planners
- Open-source benchmark software framework

How to contribute:
To participate, please send a one-page abstract, describing your approach by September 5 to mohammad.khansari at epfl.ch<mailto:mohammad.khansari at epfl.ch>. Notification of acceptance to the benchmark will be given by September 10. All accepted participants will have access to the Benchmark Code and a library of 2D motions, including a guideline about how to use the benchmark.
The participants should then provide a (trained) model for each of the motions in the library by September 30. All trained models should be sent in a single zip file to mohammad.khansari at epfl.ch<mailto:mohammad.khansari at epfl.ch> or alemme at CoR-Lab.Uni-Bielefeld.de<mailto:alemme at CoR-Lab.Uni-Bielefeld.de> . The organizers will then run the benchmark for all the participants and announce the Benchmark result by October 5. The three approaches with highest score will give an oral presentation during the workshop on October 15. The remaining groups will also have the chance to present their work during the poster session.
* To participate in the Benchmark, you do not need to provide us with your learning algorithm. You only need to send a piece of code (i.e. integration in a common interface class) that can be used at the execution level and also your (trained) model of the motions. Your code at the execution level should provide the next state given the current situation (i.e. current time, goal position, and current position and velocity). In case if it is necessary, you could create a content-obscured version of your code by using the MATLAB "pcode" function.
For more information, please refer to our website (http://www.amarsi-project.eu/news/humanoids-2013-workshop) or contact us by email (mohammad.khansari at epfl.ch<mailto:mohammad.khansari at epfl.ch> or alemme at CoR-Lab.Uni-Bielefeld.de<mailto:alemme at CoR-Lab.Uni-Bielefeld.de>).


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