[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Call for Papers for HRI2014 Workshop on Experimenting in HRI for priming real world set-ups, innovations and products

Maria Elena Giannaccini maria.elena.giannaccini at brl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 11 05:20:24 PST 2013

Dear Roboticist,

we are pleased to invite you to the:

HRI 2014 Workshop on Experimenting in HRI for priming real world
set-ups, innovations and products

URL: http://www.kontor46.eu/kontor46/HRI_2014_Workshop.html

Held in conjunction with HRI 2014 in Bielefeld, Germany:

  * Submission deadline: Saturday, February 15, 2014
  * Notification: within one week from submission
  * Workshop: Monday, March 3, 2014

Robotics is moving towards real world applications, beyond the well
structured environment of industrial robotics. In the world of assistant
robots and medical robots, Human-Robot Interactions are essential. Also
in emerging industrial scenarios there is need of the human in the loop.
Robotic companies are confronted with the lack of guidelines and of
standards on how the higher features of HRI may be safely incorporated.
Although the scientific research is burgeoning and worthy of praise, it
is clear from the produced evidence that the results are scattered and
not capable of giving a clear cut input to be easily taken up by
companies and standardization organizations like ISO and IEC. The
workshop is in line with the conference themes especially in the areas
of HRI for the integration of empirical findings into complex real-world
robot systems by focusing on three typical scenarios (industrial,
service and medical) to develop systematic approaches to benchmark and
evaluate experimental systems so that normative results can be realized
The present workshop has the aim of bringing together scientists,
representative of robotics companies and of standardization working
groups to foster discussion in the definition of experimental scenarios
and protocols in HRI, so to be able to prime real world set-ups and be
targeted to help realize the future needed robotic products.

The workshop invites submissions describing original work, either
completed or still in progress, related to one or more of the following
  * Current status of ISO/IEC robot standardization activities
development and future directions in  HRI
  * Safety, physical contacts, technical aspects and limitations,
regulations influencing HRI design
  * Testing scenarios and protocols for HRI to produce normative
definitions and data to prime real world products
  * Role of Benchmarking and Robotics competition in advancing
standardised testing procedures
  * Robotics scientific community’s input to standardization bodies
  * Benchmarking: objectively and quantitatively evaluating robot
  * Measuring autonomy or information metrics of intelligent systems
  * Scientific methods to study and quantitatively evaluate the
performance in affective and social robotics
  * Design guidelines and testing procedures for evidence-based HRI:
toward a consensus position paper

Workshop contributions (abstracts, 2 pages) should be submitted via
e-mail in the ACM publication style to hri2014wks at kontor46.eu.
Submitted abstracts should conform to the HRI
2014 publication style; for templates and examples, follow the link:

Notice of acceptance will be given within one week of submission, we aim
at giving a fast feedback. The workshop is intended for lively
discussion, therefore the accepted contributions will be presented as
A proposal for a special issue on the topic will be submitted in the
Journal of Social Robotics to document and extend the workshop discussions.

HRI 2014 conference, Bielefeld, Germany.

  * Gurvinder Virk (University of Gävle)
  * Paolo Barattini (Kontor46 sas)
  * Nicole Mirnig (University of Salzburg)
  * Maria Elena Giannaccini (University of the West of England)
  * Adriana Tapus (ENSTA - ParisTech)
  * Fabio Bonsignorio (Carlos III University)
  * Bjoern Matthias (ABB)
  * C. Woegerer & A. Pichler (PROFACTOR)

  * Workshop Questions and Submissions (hri2014wks at kontor46.eu)
  * Maria Elena Giannaccini (maria.elena.giannaccini at brl.ac.uk)


Maria Elena Giannaccini
Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher (INTRO ITN), PhD candidate
Bristol Robotics Laboratory
University of the West of England
Bristol, BS16 1QY
United Kingdom

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