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Fri Dec 13 08:43:16 PST 2013

Dear colleague,

The International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems invites you to submit
a paper for an upcoming Special Issue on *Design, Fabrication, Control, and
Planning of Multiple Mobile Microrobots*. The journal publishes
peer-reviewed articles covering all aspects of research within robotics and
is the only ISI-indexed Open Access journal in the field.

The proposed special issue (SI) focuses on new approaches and future
directions on developing microrobotic systems where multiple mobile robots
operate in parallel to perform complex manipulations. Such manipulations
are increasingly playing a major role in biology and medicine as for
example by realizing targeted drug therapy. They are also bringing about a
new paradigm in the manufacturing of miniature devices by enabling
microassembly of heterogeneous components in three dimensions.

The microrobots can be actuated in a variety of ways ranging from
electrical and magnetic to mechanical, optical, and even acoustic or
chemical. Design and fabrication of the robots depends a lot on the
actuation technique, and becomes quite challenging for autonomous
operations within constrained workspaces across large distances (orders of
magnitudes more than their characteristic dimensions) and for significant
time durations (minutes or more). Furthermore, controlling and planning
their motions provide additional challenges, particularly to generate
collision-free trajectories independently for each robot with the aim of
achieving coordinated behaviors to maximize the overall operation
efficiency and reliability. While significant progress has been achieved
over the past few years, we are still quite far off from deploying such
autonomous microrobot groups in clinical laboratories or industrial
manufacturing facilities.

This SI solicits original and unpublished high-quality research and
application results in the above-mentioned topic area. The submissions can
also present surveys that summarize state-of-the-art theories and practices
in the area. The topics to be covered include but are not limited to:

-          Design of biomimetic and low power-consuming microrobots

-          Parallel fabrication of microrobots with complex shapes

-          Coordinated and networked control of multiple microrobots

-          Motion and path planning of multiple microrobots

-          Autonomous mobile microrobots actuated using hybrid techniques
(e.g. optoelectronic)

-          Drug delivery, discovery, and screening using microrobots

-          Cell sorting and assay formation using microrobotic manipulation

-          Automated microassembly of 3D objects

Important Dates

-          Deadline for initial paper submission: January 30, 2014

-          Author notification after completion of first review: March 18,

-          Deadline for revised paper submission (if needed): April 18, 2014

-          Final author notification: May 31, 2014

-          Deadline for final accepted paper submission: June 15, 2014

-          Anticipated publication date: August, 2014

To submit your research paper, please refer to the following link:


To view further details about this SI, please visit

We look forward to receiving your paper in the forthcoming weeks and would
be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Best Regards,

Ashis Banerjee, GE Global Resarch, USA

David Folio, PRISME, Ensi de Bourges, France

Sarthak Misra, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Quan Zhou, Aalto University, Finland

Guest Editors
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems

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