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Yasuhisa Hasegawa hase at esys.tsukuba.ac.jp
Thu Dec 19 23:53:53 PST 2013

Announcement of new International Journal “ROBOMECH Journal”

We kindly inform of the publication of the new international journal, “ROBOMECH Journal.” 
The official international journal of JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) will be 
published by Springer in 2014. 
The Robotics and Mechatronics division of JSME had published the international journal, 
Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics (JRM) since 1991. 
The division, that has 25-year publication record, renews the name of the international 
journal and changes publication style into an online and open access journal. 

Readers all over the world can read your papers free of charge, and the time from the 
submission to the publication is shortened. 
We would like to provide this international journal according with social needs. 
We hope many papers are submitted from various nations.

For further information, your access to the following page would be appreciated.

Editor in Chief                Toshio Fukuda (Nagoya University, Meijo University)
Deputy Editor in Chiefs  Takeo Arai (Osaka University)
                                      Makoto Kaneko (Osaka University)
                                      Yasuhisa Hasegawa (University of Tsukuba)

Scope of the ROBOMECH Journal:

ROBOMECH Journal aims at the advanced technologies and practical applications in the field of 
Robotics and Mechatronics. 
This field is growing in terms of the daily commodity to advanced robots and systems.  
The advanced robots have been working in medical and hazardous environment such as space and 
deep sea as well as in manufacturing environment. 
Mechatronics is the synergetic integration of mechanical engineering and computer science with 
electronic and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacturing of products and processes. 
As systems become larger and more complicated, we certainly need insight to see the important role of 
Robotics and Mechatronics by system analysis and integration. 
It is a practice-based technology unlike any other technology. There are a lot of products in the market which 
require the modern technology of Mechatronics for a higher performance and human friendly interface. 
The scope of ROBOMECH journal encompasses all practical aspects of the theory and methods of Robotics and 
Mechatronics. Twelve technical areas included are the following but not limited to:

1) Modeling and Design
2) System Integration
3) Actuators and Sensors
4) Intelligent Control
5) Robotics
6) Manufacturing
7) Motion Control
8) Vibration and Noise Control
9) Micro/Nano Devices and Optoelectronics Systems
10) Automotive Systems
11) Applications for Extreme and/or Hazardous Environments
12) Medical and rehabilitation robots
13) Other Applications

Yasuhisa Hasegawa, Dr.(Eng.)
Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems
University of Tsukuba
Deputy Editor in Chief of ROBOMECH Journal
hase at iit.tsukuba.ac.jp

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