[robotics-worldwide] [news] [meetings] Kinect mobile robot challenge - request for feedback - brief survey

Reed Hedges Reed.Hedges at Adept.com
Sat Dec 28 05:52:01 PST 2013

Are you excited about using the Kinect Sensor for mobile robot mapping
and autonomous navigation? Do you have access to a Pioneer 3DX, a Kinect
and a laptop computer? Would you like to show off your robot programming
skills in front of your peers and the world?

Microsoft and Adept MobileRobots are considering conducting a jointly
sponsored "Kinect Navigation Challenge" at an upcoming robotics
conference (ICRA or IROS). We would like to hear from you to gauge interest in such a
thing. Please use this really (really!) brief anonymous survey to let us
know. (or you can send us an e-mail <roboinfo at microsoft.com><mailto:roboinfo at microsoft.com>)

To take the survey, please visit <https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9Z5VP87>
by January 5, 2014.

If we get enough interest, then full contest rules, schedules, hardware
and software specifications will be provided to those interested.

The details:

This challenge would aim to show off the state-of-the-art of indoor
autonomous navigation in realistic, dynamic and unstructured
environments. Autonomous navigation in static and controlled
environments is a mostly solved problem, however, in this contest, the
environment would be populated with realistic items that are known to
challenge typical navigation sensors and systems such as narrow chair
and table legs and uneven surfaces. It would also feature moving people
and moving furniture. There may be other surprises as well. Successful
navigation would require state-of-the-art mapping and autonomous
navigation using a real robot with real sensors.

At the contest, Microsoft and Adept MobileRobots will provide the
Pioneer robots (no need to ship your own robots!) and Kinect sensors. The
only hardware that contestants supply would be their own self-powered
portable laptop or other computer. The contestant-supplied computer
would connect to the Kinect sensor via USB connection and the Pioneer
robot via a provided USB-serial adapter.

Contestants may use any software tools or frameworks in developing their
code, as long as it can communicate with the Kinect and Pioneer robot.

Scores would be based on how quickly and accurately the robot can
navigate from waypoint to waypoint without contacting people or objects.

If we get enough interest, then full contest rules, schedules, hardware
and software specifications will be provided.

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