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Sat Dec 28 09:44:02 PST 2013

Hello Moderators,
We have 2 positions available for Robotics, Electrical and Computer
engineering starting this Spring.
Candidates must we authorized to live and work in the United States: OPT,
Work Visa, Green Card, Citizenship Status

developing, programming and testing of various embedded targets, flight
control and user interface software for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Micro
Aerial Vehicles developed by the company; to design, test, debug, upgrade
robot flight control software & system integration, sensor fusion, graphical
user interfaces and more.


.	Good programming experience with PIC/Microchip Micro-controllers,
DSPs (Essential)
.	Good knowledge of Altera FPGAs and multi-core/parallel processing.
.	Good coding and typing skills in C and C#
.	Must be able to program I2C, SPI, UART and other communication
interfaces. (Essential)
.	Must have programmed and worked with Quad-Rotors or Multi-Rotor
Aircrafts and other VTOL UAVs, Robots (Preferred, but not essential)
.	Desire to test and program new Robots and Flying Vehicles; test and
develop new hardware/software interfaces and working with COTS Robots and
.	Higher preference (but not an essential experience) for a strong
background in Digital Computer Vision, Image Segmentation, Optical Flow, 3D
/ 2D world mapping, Stereoscopic vision (preferred), Pattern recognition,
Efficient Digital Image Progressing, Camera calibration/modeling w.r.f. to
moving platforms and other forms of "low-level" embedded vision processing
.	VHDL/Verilog practical knowledge (Preferred).
.	Experience with Altera FPGAs (SoC / Nios II  -  Preferred)
.	Must have very strong hands-on background in Digital Control
Systems, Digital Filters, Kalman Filters, Linear / Non-linear control system
application in VTOL Flying Vehicles (preferred, but not essential)
.	Microsoft .Net Programming experience in C#.
.	Strong background in problem solving and team work in
Electronics/Electrical/Robotics/Mechatronics projects
.	Hands-on experience using oscilloscopes, signal generators,
power-supplies and embedded electronics
.	Should be able to debug and fix hardware / software issues with
embedded systems
.	Programming in Android OS (hardware drivers and Graphic user
interfaces) (Preferred)

The engineer will be required to perform flight tests and involve other
engineers in successfully carrying out validation, upgrades and
software/hardware integration. Software Engineer should have excellent grasp
of embedded system design, robotics and similar fields. 

The engineering position requires good management skills and the ability to
guide other engineers towards successful flight and application
Significant prior hands-on Embedded Systems /Robotics coding, scripting and
programming experience needed; experienced in code reusability, version
control and design for mass scale deployment in consumer products.

The Embedded Software Engineer will be responsible for integrating various
elements of the software/hardware architecture including but not limited to
Embedded C Firmwares on Microcontrollers, DSPs & FPGAs, Multi-Core kernel
level and driver level coding for Android based processors; graphical user
interfaces in C#, . NET.
The Embedded Software Engineer should have a passion for scripting,
programming, application & result oriented approach in multi-disciplinary
teams. This position requires scheduled communication with managers and
excellent presentation skills (both oral and written). Candidate should be a
fluent communicator in spoken English.


       a) Hands-On Project work / experience in system design engineering /
new gadget development
       b) Strong time/project management skills & the desire to build/expand
competency in this area
       c) Result oriented design attitude
       d) Excellent grasp of C/C# programming and coding/scripting skills
       e) B.S. Degree minimum
       f) 2 Years+, Hands-On Project work / experience in a Software
Development / Software & Electrical Engineering projects

Should be extremely interested in working in a start-up environment towards
the development of cutting edge products and gadgets
Should have affiliation to embedded systems, Robotics, CS, ECE or similar
Highly driven and self-initiator
Very good core knowledge and hands-on experience with Computer, electrical
and robotic systems

The atmosphere is casual and we will regularly have company lunches. Snacks
are available 24x7.


Interested candidates can email us at Careers at TechJect.com or email me
directly at JayantRatti at TechJect.com with their CV and a Brief Cover Page
explaining why they are applying for the position and their
background/interests and more related to the position.
We have more positions available online:

With Regards,

Jayant Ratti, PhD
Founder, TechJect Inc.
Georgia Tech '11 RIM at GT

TechJect Inc.
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