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We are pleased to announce that IEEE Transactions on Education, Special Issue on Robotics Education (Volume:56, Issue: 1) is now available online.


Taskin Padir and Sonia Chernova
Special Issue Guest Editors

Table Of Contents

Increasing Students' Interest With Low-Cost CellBots
Aroca, R. V.; Gomes, R. B.; Tavares, D. M.; Souza, A. A. S.; Burlamaqui, A. M. F.; Caurin, G. A. P.; Goncalves, L. M. G. 

Physical Student–Robot Interaction With the ETHZ Haptic Paddle
Gassert, R.; Metzger, J.-C.; Leuenberger, K.; Popp, W. L.; Tucker, M. R.; Vigaru, B.; Zimmermann, R.; Lambercy, O. 

SyRoTek—Distance Teaching of Mobile Robotics
Kulich, M.; Chudoba, J.; Kosnar, K.; Krajnik, T.; Faigl, J.; Preucil, L. 

Using Multi-Robot Systems for Engineering Education: Teaching and Outreach With Large Numbers of an Advanced, Low-Cost Robot
McLurkin, J.; Rykowski, J.; John, M.; Kaseman, Q.; Lynch, A. J. 

Industrial-Like Vehicle Platforms for Postgraduate Laboratory Courses on Robotics
Navarro, P. J.; Fernandez, C.; Sanchez, P. 

Teaching Robotics Software With the Open Hardware Mobile Manipulator
Vona, M.; NH, S. 

Integrating Mobile Robotics and Vision With Undergraduate Computer Science
Cielniak, G.; Bellotto, N.; Duckett, T. 

A One-Year Introductory Robotics Curriculum for Computer Science Upperclassmen
Correll, N.; Wing, R.; Coleman, D. 

A Behavior-Based Approach for Educational Robotics Activities
De Cristoforis, P.; Pedre, S.; Nitsche, M.; Fischer, T.; Pessacg, F.; Di Pietro, C. 

Embodied Computation: An Active-Learning Approach to Mobile Robotics Education
Riek, L. D. 

The Robotic Decathlon: Project-Based Learning Labs and Curriculum Design for an Introductory Robotics Course
Cappelleri, D. J.; Vitoroulis, N. 

A Project-Based Biologically-Inspired Robotics Module
Crowder, R. M.; Zauner, K.-P. 

A Contest-Oriented Project for Learning Intelligent Mobile Robots
Huang, H.-H.; Su, J.-H.; Lee, C.-S. 

Master's in Autonomous Systems: An Overview of the Robotics Curriculum and Outcomes at ISEP, Portugal
Silva, E.; Almeida, J.; Martins, A.; Baptista, J. P.; Campos Neves, B. 

A Bottom-Up Approach to Teaching Robotics and Mechatronics to Mechanical Engineers
Shiller, Z. 

Robotics and Design: An Interdisciplinary Crash Course
Bonarini, A.; Romero, M. 

Using Robots and Contract Learning to Teach Cyber-Physical Systems to Undergraduates
Crenshaw, T. L. A. 

An Embedded Systems Laboratory to Support Rapid Prototyping of Robotics and the Internet of Things
Hamblen, J. O.; van Bekkum, G. M. E. 

Experiences in Developing an Experimental Robotics Course Program for Undergraduate Education
Jung, S. 

Design-Oriented Enhanced Robotics Curriculum
Yilmaz, M.; Ozcelik, S.; Yilmazer, N.; Nekovei, R. 


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