[robotics-worldwide] PhD Studentships in Cognitive Assistive Systems

Stefan Wermter wermter at informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Fri Feb 1 10:13:42 PST 2013

The DAAD-funded CASY Project invites applications for several
PhD studentships in the area of Cognitive Assistive Systems.

The programme “Cognitive Assistive Systems (CASY)” will contribute to the
focus on a next generation of human-centred systems for human-robot
collaboration. A central need of these systems is a high level of 
learning,  and increased adaptivity to be able to act more natural under
uncertain conditions. To address this need, research will focus on neural
robotics, cognitively  motivated multi-modal integration and learning
human-robot interaction. Different modalities from sensors and processed
representational modalities will be combined and evaluated for their use in
assistive systems based on symbolic, statistical, neural or hybrid

Applications details are available at:


best wishes

Stefan Wermter


Professor Dr. Stefan Wermter
Chair of Knowledge Technology
Department of Computer Science, WTM, Building F
University of Hamburg Vogt Koelln Str. 30
22527 Hamburg, Germany

Email: wermter AT informatik.uni-hamburg.de



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