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Rachid Alami rachid.alami at laas.fr
Mon Feb 11 09:23:06 PST 2013

Dear colleagues and friends

It is with deep sorrow that we learned that Georges Giralt has passed
away this evening, February 10, 2013.

Georges was a pioneer in robotics, a leader and an example for
generations of roboticists.

He worked hard to promote robotics and scientific collaboration at
national, European and International level.

You can leave a condolence message here: http://www.laas.fr/G-Giralt


Georges Giralt, Research Director at LAAS-CNRS, obtained his PhD
(1958) in the field of Electronics Systems. He launched in 1976 the
autonomous mobile robot project, HILARE. In 1980, he organized and led
(1980-1985) a very large French national programme (ARA) on Advanced
Robotics and Automation. In the framework of the French Space Agency
effort on robots for planetary exploration, he led a consortium of
four (CEA, CNRS, INRIA, ONERA) major R&D institutions (October
1989-September 1996). He created (1983) with five other researchers
(United States: Mike Brady, R. Paul ; Japan: H. Anafusa, H. Inoue ;
Europe: O. Faugeras) the International Foundation for Robotics
Research (President in 1989 and Secretary from 1992 to 2001). He was
France Representative and Programme Secretary of the International
Advanced Robotics Programme, originated by the G7 at the Versailles
Summit (1982) which associates today 16 countries (G7, Australia,
Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Korea, New-Zealand, Russia, Spain)
and the EC as an Observer. His most recent personal field of interest
is robot decisional autonomy and machine intelligence. He received the
CNRS Silver Medal for his work in Electronics and Systems (1972), and
the Joseph Engelberger Award for his contribution to Robotics
Technology Development (1997). He was promoted Chevalier de la Legion
d'Honneur for his contribution to international research cooperation
(January 1988). He is also IEEE fellow (2002).


Rachid Alami on behalf of LAAS-CNRS robotics researchers

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