[robotics-worldwide] Postdoc Position at Georgia Tech.

Christensen, Henrik I. hic at cc.gatech.edu
Mon Feb 11 18:40:57 PST 2013

Title: Post-Doc & Research Scientist Positions in Robotics

The Robotics and Intelligent Machines Center at the Georgia Institute of
Technology are looking for immediate hiring of experienced hard-working
researchers. In a joint project between Profs. Henrik I Christensen,
Mike Stilman and Andrea Thomaz we are studying human-robot cooperation
for automotive manufacturing. The research includes new methods for
object detection/visual servoing, fluency of human-robot interaction,
and task modeling.  Talented, hard-working researchers who are
interested in such topics should contact Prof. Henrik I Christensen at
(hic at cc.gatech.edu<mailto:hic at cc.gatech.edu>)

We are keenly interested in individuals with experience in Planning,
Perception and HRI.

In particular we seek one or more researchers in the area of:

  *   Planning and control for manufacturing type applications.
  *   Perception and HRI for Cooperative Robotics

Please contact Henrik Christensen at (hic at cc.gatech.edu<mailto:hic at cc.gatech.edu>) as soon as
possible (before Mar 15) if you are interested in these positions.

Best Regards,

Henrik I Christensen, Andrea Thomaz and Mike Stilman
Robotics and Intelligent Machines
Georgia Institute of Technology

Henrik Christensen, Ph.D.
KUKA Chair of Robotics, Director, Robotics @ Georgia Tech
801 Atlantic Dr, Atlanta, GA 30332
Tel: +1 404 385 7480  |
Cel: +1 404 889 2500

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