[robotics-worldwide] Call for Contribution: ICRA 2013 Workshop on Developments of Simulation Tools for Robotics & Biomechanics

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Sun Feb 17 07:21:33 PST 2013

*Call for Contribution/Participation*

*ICRA 2013 Workshop on Developments of Simulation Tools for Robotics &


*The workshop is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 10, 2013.*


This workshop aims at bringing together the researchers in robotics and
related areas to share and discuss the novel tools and technologies in the
area of simulation software. As the robotic systems are becoming more
complex and the performance requirements on such systems are
getting tighter, simulation studies become a crucial part of
developing such complex systems. For instance emerging fields in
robotics such as robots with variable stiffness and variable
impedance actuators need new features in simulation tools that were
not necessary when dealing with classical stiff or rigid robots. Hence, the
main purpose of this workshop is to review and discuss the existing
simulation tools and to exchange views on the required future development
of these tools in order to cater for the new generation of biologically
inspired robots with variable stiffness and impedance actuators.

There is a possibility to have a full paper (six pages) or an Abstract of
two pages to be included in the conference proceedings. Regarding the
format of the submissions, please follow the IEEE template described in
http://www.icra2013.org/?page_id=106 and kindly send your contributions to
houman.dallali at iit.it . All submissions will be reviewed by 15th of March
and we will contact you regarding the decision.


1. Dynamic Simulators and Mathematical modeling of robots

2. Collision detection and Physical Interaction modeling

3. Simulation of soft actuation and bodies

4. Solvers, sensitivity analysis and integration techniques

5. Validation and Reliability of robot simulation

6. Simulation of Biomechanics

7. Simulation with real-time constraints

8. Physics engine and multi-physics tools

9. Offline simulation of robot development

10. Simulation with software/hardware in the loop

11. Human robot interaction and cooperation

12. Simulation of rehabilitation devices

13. Legged Locomotion modeling and simulation

14. Simulation of jumping and running

15. Simulation of grasping and manipulation

16. Sensor simulation applied to robotics

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

1. Oskar von Stryk, Darmstadt University, Germany. “Dynamic Modeling for
Simulation, Optimization & Control of Bio-Inspired Elastic Robots”.

2. Nathan Koenig, Willow Garage, Co-founder of Gazebo, USA. “The many faces
of simulation: Use cases for a general purpose simulator”.

3. Shin'ichiro Nakaoka, The National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, “Choreonoid Software Development

4. Abhi Jain, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, DARTS Lab., USA. “Structure Based
Modeling and Computational Architecture for Robotic Systems”.

5. Marc Freese, Coppelia Robotics, Developer of V-REP,
Switzerland. “Distributed Control in Robotics Simulations: a Case Study”.

6. Paul Fisette, CEREM, UCL, Belgium, “ROBOTRAN, Self-contained Multibody
Models for Robot Modeling and Real-Time Control”.

7. Sebastian Wrede, COR-Lab, University of Bielefeld, Germany. “Oncilla
Simulation Tool as a Drive for Integration”.

8. Andrea Del Prete, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy. “Open Source
iCub Simulator”.

9. Jonas Buchli, ETH, Switzerland. “The SL Simulator for Modeling and
Real-Time Control”.

10. Houman Dallali, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy. “The Compliant
Humanoid Simulator based on Robotran and Matlab-Simulink”.



March 15th, 2013: Submission deadline for Abstracts

March 30th, 2013: Notification of acceptance.

May 10th, 2013: Workshop date


We hope to meet you in Karlsruhe.

Best regards,

Houman Dallali, on behalf of the organizing committee

Houman Dallali, PhD
Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Department of Advanced Robotics
Via Morego 30, 16163 Genoa, Italy
phone: +39 010 71781 821 <%2B39%20010%2071781%20912>
email: houman.dallali at iit.it

Organizing committee:

Houman Dallali <http://www.iit.it./en/people/advanced-robotics-humanoids-a-human-centred-mechatronics/post-doc/houman-dallali.html>(Department
of Advanced Robotics, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy)

Gustavo Medrano-Cerda<http://www.iit.it./en/people/advanced-robotics-humanoids-a-human-centred-mechatronics/senior-scientist/gustavo-a-medrano-cerda.html>
of Advanced Robotics, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy)

Paul Fisette <http://www.uclouvain.be/318062.html> (The Centre for
Mechatronics (CEREM) at the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

Nikolaos Tsagarakis<http://www.iit.it./en/people/advanced-robotics-humanoids-a-human-centred-mechatronics/senior-scientist/nikos-g-tsagarakis.html>
of Advanced Robotics, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy)

Jochen Steil <http://www.cor-lab.de/jsteil> (The Research Institute for
Cognition and Robotics (COR-Lab) at The Universität Bielefeld, Germany)

Darwin G. Caldwell<http://www.iit.it./en/people/advanced-robotics-/director-coordinator/darwin-g-caldwell.html>
of Advanced Robotics, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy)

This workshop is supported by the FP7 European Project AMARSI (
http://www.amarsi-project.eu/ ).

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