[robotics-worldwide] Submission Extension - ICRA 2013 Workshop on "Unconventional Approaches to Robotics, Automation and Control Inspired by Nature"

Ioannis Georgilas giannis.georgilas at brl.ac.uk
Thu Feb 21 04:11:13 PST 2013

Original Submission: Midnight, UK time, of 4th March, 2013
Notification of acceptance: 18th March 2013
Final versions for inclusion in proceedings: 25th March 2013

Classical approaches in control cannot cope with real world conditions and the
need for massive parallelism; hence novel control methods are needed. Good
candidates are the so-called unconventional computing methods, where biological
and biologically-inspired methods, primarily from the cellular/bacterial level,
are exploited for their natural parallelism to tackle computational complexity,
while unconventional hardware, i.e. slime mold, biological computers, BZ
reactions, is used as a novel physical layer exploring the same natural

Natural biological and chemical systems offer a wealth of ideas for how to
solve such problems, as do unconventional approaches that have been proven to
model biological systems well, such as memristors and cellular automata. Recent
success in biomimetics using unconventional approaches could revolutionise
robotic hardware and control. This workshop will present the current state of
the art in unconventional computing approaches: i.e. memristors, biological and
neuromorphic systems, excitable media and cellular automata, and demonstrate
how these can be implemented for robot control.

The workshop will bring together researchers from around the world who are
working with alternative computational methods and are applying their results
in the context of robotics and automation. Also, researchers not involved with
unconventional computing will benefit by having the opportunity to come in
contact with the most exciting results on the field that can be applied to
their own research. The aim would be to establish a common understanding about
the state of the field and draw a road map on where the research is heading,
highlight the issues and discuss the possible solutions.

- Memristor / memristive systems
- Chemical inspired / chemical systems
- Bioinspired / biological systems including neuromorphic architectures
- Cellular automata architectures
- Other areas of unconventional computing applied to control, robotics and

Original Submission: Midnight, UK time, of 4th March, 2013
Notification of acceptance: 15th March 2013
Final versions for inclusion in proceedings: 25th March 2013.
Workshop at ICRA: 10th of May, 2013

The submitted manuscripts must focus on launching a constructive discussion
about Unconventional Computing in the context of Robotics, Automation and
Control. For this reason the submissions should be 2-3 pages in length.
The papers must be prepared according to the IEEE RAS conference standard and
submitted through the EasyChair conference management system.
Some papers will be considered also for publication in a special issue of
the International Journal of Unconventional Computing.

For further questions and information email: uaracin at brl.ac.uk 

Workshop website: http://uncomp.uwe.ac.uk/UARACIN


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