[robotics-worldwide] CFP - HRI 2013 Workshop on Gaze and Speech

Frank Broz frnkbroz at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 17:11:00 PST 2013

The Fifth Workshop of Eye Gaze in Intelligent Human Machine
HRI Face-to-Face: Gaze and Speech Communication-
at 2013 Human-Robot Interaction Conference

Website: http://hci.cs.wisc.edu/workshops/HRI2012/

Contact: facetoface at developmentalrobotics.com

Important Dates:

31 January  2013 - Paper submission deadline
14 February 2013 - Notifications of acceptance
3 March 2013 - Workshop

Call for Papers:

We are now accepting submissions of either 6 page full papers or 2 page
extended abstracts. Please use the templates at
Papers will be subject to a peer-review process.

About the workshop:

The purpose of this  full-day workshop is to explore the relationship
between gaze and speech during "face-to-face" human-robot interaction. As
advances in speech recognition have made speech-based interaction with
robots possible, it has become increasingly apparent that robots need to
exhibit nonverbal social cues in order to disambiguate and structure their
spoken communication with humans. Gaze behavior is one of the most powerful
and fundamental sources of supplementary information to spoken
communication. Gaze structures turn-taking, indicates attention, and
implicitly communicates information about social roles and relationships.
There is a growing body of work on gaze and speech based interaction in
HRI, involving both the measurement and evaluation of human speech and gaze
during interaction with robots and the design and implementation of robot
speech and accompanying gaze behavior for interaction with humans. The
Face-to-Face workshop at HRI 2013 aims to bring together researchers
working on both speech and gaze communication in human- robot interaction
to share results and discuss how to advance the state of the art in this
emerging area of research.

Topics of interest include:
-Experimental results involving robots that interact through both speech
and gaze
-Gaze controllers that make use of speech information, and/or dialog
management systems that include gaze information
-The role of speech and gaze in coordinating turn-taking
-The relationship between gaze behavior and the semantics, syntax, or
pragmatics of speech
-Examples from applied research involving speech and gaze-based HRI
-Gaze and speech based interaction with people with special needs

Frank Broz, University of Plymouth
Hagen Lehmann, University of Hertfordshire
Bilge Mutlu, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Yukiko Nakano, Seikei University

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