[robotics-worldwide] Robotica Special Issue - Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Mon Jan 7 05:55:37 PST 2013


Expanded papers selected from DARS (Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems) 2012 http://www.dars2012.com/ held here in Baltimore last November will appear as a special issue of Robotica in August 2013.

We are opening this special issue to submissions that were not presented at DARS.
Papers should be submitted via the online submission system


and `DARS2012' should be included as a keyword during the submission/review process.

If you are interested, please email a short abstract of your planned submission to eic.robotica at gmail.com by 

Friday, January 18, 2013, 11:59pm EST 

and follow up with full papers through the online submission system no
later than 

February 18, 2013, 11:59pm EST.

Robotica is a forum for the multidisciplinary subject of robotics and encourages developments, applications and research in this important field of automation and robotics with regard to industry, health, education and economic and social aspects of relevance. The Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems special issue of Robotica seeks to stimulate, and advance the exchange of, research ideas regarding advanced distributed robotic systems, a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary research area lying at the intersection of computer science, communication and control systems, and electrical and mechanical engineering. Papers on technologies, algorithms, system architectures, and applications are encouraged from presentation.

Topics for the special issue include but are not limited to:

    Architectures for teams of robots
    Self-organizing and self-assembling robotic systems
    Swarm robotic systems
    Hybrid symbiotic teams (humans and robots, animals and robots)
    Learning and adaptation in teams of robots
    Modular robotics
    Localization and navigation in multi-robot systems
    Multi-robot and multi-vehicle motion coordination
    Distributed cooperative perception
    Distributed cooperative action
    Distributed control and planning
    Control issues in multi-robot systems
    Performance metrics for robot teams
    Distributed decision making
    Distributed task allocation and execution
    Sensor and actuator networks
    Networking issues in multi-robot systems
    Wireless and robotic sensor networks
    Multi-robot applications in exploration, inspection, coverage, search and rescue, service, environmental monitoring, etc.


Gregory S. Chirikjian
Fellow, IEEE and ASME
Editor, Robotica
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

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