[robotics-worldwide] Open Positions in Robotics and Medical Systems at SRI International

Rich Mahoney Rich.Mahoney at SRI.com
Mon Jan 14 08:45:00 PST 2013

The Robotics and Medical Systems Program, SRI International, is pleased 
to announce multiple job openings at our headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, 
in the heart of Silicon Valley, at all levels and across all technical 

*Apply on-line at **www.sri.com/jobs* <http://www.sri.com/jobs>
Principal Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Robotics (Job Number: 101717)
Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Robotics (Job Number: 101718)
Electrical Engineer, Robotics (Job Number: 101719)
Senior Software Engineer, Robotics (Job number: 101731)
Robotics Fellow (Job Number: 101727)

We hire unique innovators with the skills to help us redefine the design 
space for robotics.  We have a leading edge portfolio of advanced 
robotic component technologies, including electro adhesion, electro 
active polymers and other advanced actuators, dexterous 
telemanipulation, and micro manipulation.  In addition to addressing 
broad problems in robotics, our group is a leading innovator of surgical 
and medical robotics technology.  We work across the full spectrum of 
technology development from first demonstration to new platforms for 
government and commercial customers, to licensing and new ventures.  
Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ: ISRG) and Artificial Muscle, Inc. (acquired 
by Bayer Material Sciences), both spun out of our group.  Redwood 
Robotics (JV with Willow Garage and Meka) and Grabit emerged from our 
program most recently, and we're actively pursuing new ventures in the 
expanding and exciting Silicon Valley Robotics landscape.

We have a strong pipeline of DARPA and other government programs, 
commercial customers, and new ventures.  Although we need new employees 
to support this work, we strongly encourage innovation from all of our 
staff, and provide access to world class technical personnel, resources, 
and facilities, including internal investment funds.  If you can see the 
future of robotics, the Robotics Program at SRI is the place you can 
create it.

*_SRI International: Invent, innovate, and impact the big picture_*
Join SRI and make a positive impact on society by developing new 
solutions to important problems. We are an independent, nonprofit 
research and development organization working with government agencies, 
commercial businesses, and private foundations to address complex global 
challenges. Our research breakthroughs and solutions have saved lives, 
created new industries, and continue to provide lasting benefits to society.

Our staff delivers impressive results to clients every day, and share a 
passion for pushing innovative thinking to new levels.

Our diverse work environment will allow you to collaborate with seasoned 
researchers while gaining fresh perspectives from recent graduates. You 
will learn innovation best practices to make yourself a valuable 
professional throughout your career.

SRI's core values---passion to make a difference, enthusiasm to solve 
the impossible, respect, integrity, and a commitment to excel---empower 
our champions, strengthen our teams, and transform ideas into reality 
for our clients.

Join our team, and you can make a difference, too.

We offer a congenial work atmosphere, competitive salaries and benefits 
including royalty and equity sharing, tuition reimbursement, a 
company-matched 403 (b), and numerous other benefits. We're a short walk 
from the Menlo Park train station, and we'll pay most of your 
public-transportation commuting costs.

*Apply on-line at **www.sri.com/jobs* <http://www.sri.com/jobs>

Rich Mahoney, PhD
Director of Robotics
Engineering R&D Division
SRI International, Menlo Park CA
mobile: 650-388-6387
office: 650-859-6126
email: rich.mahoney at sri.com

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