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You are cordially invited to attend Second Robotic International
Summer-school in Dubrovnik. 

Please forward this invitation also to the PhD, and post-doc students and
researchers in the area of robotics, AI, and autonomous systems. Thank you!



Second Robotic International Summer-School

Robots as Intelligent Systems Working in the Outer World


to be held at Centre for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS) in Dubrovnik,

from 17th until the 22nd of June 2013


*  <http://www.roboschool.fsb.hr> http://www.roboschool.fsb.hr *







*** ABOUT RISS-WoW 2013 ***



RISS-WOW 2013 is the second Robotic International Summer-School which will
be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from the 17th until the 22nd of June 2013. The
topic of this Summer-school edition is "Robots as Intelligent Social Systems
Working in the Outer World" presented by internationally renowned lecturers.

The Summer-School is distinguished by two additional sessions: a panel
session organized as a round table discussion forum to help facilitate ideas
between lecturers and students about the issues related with the
Summer-school topic, and the PhD students poster session on the topic of
"Robots as Intelligent Social Systems", with the best poster award by FESTO.


We are inviting PhD and Post-doc students and researchers in the area of
robotics, AI, and autonomous systems to apply for attendance. The
participation is going to be guaranteed for  80 PhD and Post-doc students
and researchers from all around the World with assigned 2 ECTS credits for


The emphasis of the Summer-school RISS-WOW 2013 is on the robot agent
cognitive capabilities and social intelligence needed for working in
multi-robot teams and collectives with humans in dynamic unpredictable
environments. To manifest such capabilities, robots need to recognize and
"understand" the surrounding World and its relations. Inter-robot
interaction and collaboration can be performed through different multi-agent
collaboration and negotiation mechanisms. For human-robot interaction, we
need above all cognitive robotics and social intelligence which will endow
robots in showing necessary social characteristics and thus easier associate
with humans in human-robot teams. Such a robot behavior is of particular
importance in service robotics scenarios (e.g., robots as human assistants).
Despite impressive examples of sensori-motor skills in the present-day
robots and some examples of social interactions of robots with other robots
or people, reaching human-like social intelligence still remains a big


The scope of the RISS-WOW 2013 Summer-school is, therefore, to provide an
interdisciplinary approach to the formerly mentioned topics in robotics.
Conceptual frameworks and concrete FP7-ICT research projects will be
presented in order to illustrate some of the latest results in the field.


Furthermore, to enable networking, we provide: every day two long coffee
breaks (30 minutes each); a lunchtime program of 1 hour and 20 minutes that
leaves plenty time for chatting, evening social events: cocktail, dinner,
city tour, and Summer-school's page on Facebook and Twitter.



More info about the Summer-school on  <http://www.roboschool.fsb.hr>








Deadline for pre-registration:              24 February 2013

Deadline for early registration:            10 March 2013

Grant request deadline:                      1 March 2013

Grant notification:                               15 May 2013

Poster-paper submission deadline:     29 March 2013

Poster-paper notification:                   1 May 2013

Teaching materials due:                      1 May 2013

Summer school:                                  17 - 22 June 2013





*** CONTACT ***



For all matters concerning the technical program of RISS-WoW 2013, please
contact Summer-school Organizers:


Bojan Jerbić, University of Zagreb, Croatia:  <mailto:bojan.jerbic at fsb.hr>
bojan.jerbic at fsb.hr

Marin Lujak, University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain:
<mailto:marin.lujak at urjc.es> marin.lujak at urjc.es 





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