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Dear Colleagues,

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                            Call for Participation 
Final Symposium on JST-ANR Binaural Active Audition for Humanoid Robots (BINAAHR)

March 18, 2013
Clock Tower Centennial Hall, International Conference Hall I, 
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Sponsored by
 * JST-ANR Binaural Active Audition for Humanoid Robots (BINAAHR)
 * JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) "Deployment of
   Robot Audition Toward Understanding Real World"
 * MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Excellent Graduate School to Department
   of Intelligence Science and Technology, Graduate School of
   Informatics, Kyoto University

Organized in cooperation with (requesting)
 * Human Interface Society
 * Information Processing Society of Japan
 * Japanese Association for Artificial Intelligence
 * Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
 * The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
 * The Acoustical Society of Japan
 * Robotic Society of Japan
 * The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
 * The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication
 * The Association for Natural Language Processing

Binaural audition, i.e., hearing capability with a pair of ears
in humans and animals as well as with a pair of microphones for
machines, is a rudimental function for perception and
communication. To make robots, either physical or virtual, be in
symbiosis with people, they must be endowed with the ability to
localize, separate and process sounds under noisy environments or
from a mixture of sounds. This symposium focuses on theoretical
and pragmatic aspects of binaural audition. It is organized in
the framework of the French-Japanese BINAAHR (BINaural Active
Audition for Humanoid Robots) project, jointly funded by the
French National Research Agency (ANR) and by the Japan Science
and Technology Agency (JST). One-day series of papers will be
presented by members of the BINAAHR consortium, as well as from
an invited external lecturer.

Machine listening, or binaural active audition are first
considered in the following manner:
 * Generic design of binaural sensors
 * Active binaural sound source localization
 * Voice detection
 * Binaural speaker recognition
 * Ego-noise cancellation
The symposium secondly focuses on theoretical approaches to human
binaural perception and on their outcomes in
robotics. Theoretical contributions from cognitive psychology
which put forward the active and exploratory nature of perception
are outlined, as well as some artificial perception strategies
which hypothesize the interweave of perception and action. The
addressed topics are:
 * Psychology of Perception in human hearing
 * Geometric space perception based on the Sensorimotor
   Contingencies theory
 * Audio-visual integration and Redundancy reduction based on
   Psychology of Perception based approaches

Technical Program
 10:00-10:10 Introduction to BINAAHR Project (Hiroshi G. Okuno, Kyoto Univ., JAPAN)
 10:10-10:25 Overview of Japanese Team       (Hiroshi G. Okuno, Kyoto Univ., JAPAN)
 10:25-10:40 Overview of French Team         (Patrick Danes, LAAS-CNRS, FRANCE)

 10:40-11:40 [Invited Talk] Spatial hearing in rooms: 
	     Effects on selective auditory attention and sound localization 
	     (Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Boston University, USA)

 11:40-13:00 Lunch

 13:00-13:20 Binaural Sound Localization and Tracking for Unknown Time-Varying Number of Speakers
	     (Eui-Hyum Kim, Kyoto Univ.,JAPAN)
 13:20-13:40 Active Hearing for Auditory Space Learning and Source Localization 
	     (Bruno Gas, UPMC, FRANCE)
 13:40-14:00 Active Strategies to Binaural Localization 
	     (Patrick Danes, LAAS-CNRS, FRANCE)
 14:00-14:20 Audio-Visual Integration for Robots 
	     (Kazuhiro Nakadai, HRI-JP/Tokyo Tech, JAPAN)

 14:20-14:30 break

 14:30-14:50 Artificial Pinnae 
	     (Makoto Kumon, Kumamoto Univ., JAPAN)
 14:50-15:10 Learning the Source Location: A Robust Multimodal Approach to Binaural Audition 
	     (Sylvain Argentieri, UPMC, FRANCE)
 15:10-15:30 Multi-Party Dialogue System with Robots 
	     (Kazunori Komatani, Nagoya Univ., JAPAN)
 15:30-15:50 Self-organizing of sound representations using neural networks 
	     (Tetsuya Ogata, Waseda Univ., JAPAN)

 15:50-16:00 break

 16:00-17:20 Poster Session
  * Extracting Unknown Number of Sound Sources with Two Microphones 
    (Takuma Otsuka (Kyoto Univ.), Katsuhiko Ishiguro (NTT), Takuya Yoshioka (NTT), 
     Hiroshi Sawada (NTT), Hiroshi G. Okuno (Kyoto Univ.), JAPAN)
  * Bayesian Nonparametrics for Blind Source Separation with Permutation Resolution 
    (Kohei Nagira, Takuma Otsuka, and Hiroshi G. Okuno, Kyoto Univ., JAPAN)
  * Optimal Positioning of a Binaural Sensor on a Humanoid Head for Sound Source Localization 
    (Alan Skaf, and Patrick Dan?s, LAAS-CNRS, FRANCE)
  * A Binaural Sound Source Localization Method Using Auditive Cues and Vision 
    (Karim Youssef, Sylvain Argentieri and Jean-Luc Zarader, UPMC, FRANCE)
  * Approaches for Automatic Speaker Recognition in a Binaural Humanoid Context 
    (Karim Youssef, Bastien Breteau, Sylvain Argentieri, Jean-Luc Zarader and Zefeng Wang, UPMC, FRANCE)
  * [invited] Evaluating the Effect of Head Motion on Auditory Streaming Using an Acoustical Telepresence Robot: TeleHead 
    (Iwaki Toshima, Hirohito M. Kondo, Daniel Pressnitzer, and Makio Kashino, NTT, JAPAN)
  * Active Pinnae Sound Localization for Binaural Auditory Robots 
    (Yoshitaka Noda, Daisuke Kimoto and Makoto Kumon, Kumamoto University, JAPAN)

Important dates and Registration
 For organization issues, participants should register by mail
 before March 10th 2013 (BINAAHR-Reg_at_zeus.kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp,
 _at_ should be replaced with @). In order to encourage scientific
 exchanges in the field of binaural audition and in connected
 areas, the registration is free of charge.

Scientific Committee
 Sylvain Argentieri (Universite Pierre and Marie Curie - ISIR)
 Alain de Cheveigne (Ecole Normale Superieure - LPP)
 Patrick Danes      (Universite de Toulouse - LAAS-CNRS)
 Makoto Kumon       (Kumamoto University)
 Kazuhiro Nakadai   (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
                     /Tokyo Institute of Technology)
 Hiroshi G. Okuno   (Kyoto University)

Local Organization Committee
 Katsutoshi Itoyama (Kyoto University)
 Makoto Kumon       (Kumamoto University)
 Kazuhiro Nakadai   (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
                     /Tokyo Institute of Technology)
 Hiroshi G. Okuno   (Kyoto University)


Kazuhiro Nakadai, Ph.D.
 Principal Researcher, Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
 Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology/Waseda University
  8-1 Honcho, Wako, Saitama, 351-0114, Japan
  tel: +81-48-462-2121 ext. 7438 fax:+81-48-462-5221

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