[robotics-worldwide] 4-Year POST-DOCTORAL research position in Computational Intelligence for ITS and Robotics

Urbano Nunes urbano at deec.uc.pt
Wed Jan 23 03:11:09 PST 2013


*Job/Fellowship Reference:* CONT_DOUT/68/UC/48/7255/2/2007
More information at: 
University of Coimbra
Institute of Systems and Robotics

*Application deadline:* 12 Fevereiro 2013
Position Responsibilities: *
In the context of various National and European research projects, 
ISR-UC is looking for a PostDoc who will work on computational 
intelligence/machine learning methods and algorithms for perceptual and 
cognitive information processing, for intelligent autonomous vehicles 
(IAV) and ITS applications, and will supervise Master and Phd student 
projects in fields ITS and Robotics fields, such as:

- Multimodal sensory information processing for perceptual modules;
- Pedestrian detection and scene understanding fusing on-board and 
off-board sensory data;
- 3D-SLAM in indoor and outdoor contexts; cooperative 3D-SLAM, semantic 
- Statistical Learning applied in IV and ITS domains;
- Intelligent semantic information retrieval in ITS domain.

The results will be used in Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles and ITS 
traffic simulator settings for development of cooperative, perception 
and cognitive methods and algorithms for autonomous vehicles, advanced 
driver assistant systems and Robotics. There is some flexibility in 
which the focus of the work will be laid and personal initiative is 
strongly encouraged. The research is carried out in an international 
context, which will enable the candidate to have interactions with other 
research teams in the field of intelligent vehicles and ITS in general. 
Additionally, the candidates are expected to strengthen ITS-related 
research areas in ISR-UC and to apply for research funds.

*Requirements: *
Candidates must have a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 
Computer Science, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence or related field and 
at least 3 years post-doctoral research experience with a good record of 
publications. In exceptional cases, the FCT may consider accepting 
candidates with less than 3 years of post-doctoral experience.Leadership 
skills and experience in project coordination and post-graduation 
supervision are highly recommended. The ideal candidate will have good 
scientific knowledge and experience in some of the following areas: 
computer science, information processing, cognitive robotics, computer 
vision and real-time programming. Candidates are expected to be 
experienced in programming in Matlab, C++, in Linux and real-time 
programming platforms.

The contract will have the duration of 48 months, with a trial period of 
30 days.

*Financial conditions:*
The successful candidates will receive a competitive salary in 
accordance with the FCT regulations, index 195 on the research career 
table, Law 124/99, of 20th April, and Law 64-B/2011, of 30th December. 
The annual gross income, before taxes, will be 2.931,13 or 2.037,42 
Euros month, including social and security obligations, depending on the 
will of the candidate to be integrated in the job proposal under 
exclusivity or full time regime. Yearly upgrades of the salary will be 
calculated according to national rules and taxes will be deduced 
according to the national law.

*Applications formalization:*
*Applications should be sent by email to urbano at deec.uc.pt by post,  or 
delivered at:*

Professor Urbano Nunes
Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica
Departamento de Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores Pólo II - 
Universidade de Coimbra 3030-290  Coimbra
Homepage: http://www2.isr.uc.pt/~urbano/
ISR-UC webpage: http://www.isr.uc.pt/

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