[robotics-worldwide] Ph.D./Postdoc Position Available at the AASS Mobile Robotics and Olfaction Lab, Orebro University (3D Semantic Mapping and Localization in Dynamic Environments)

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**                    Ph.D./Postdoc Position                          **
**   3D Semantic Mapping and Localization in Dynamic Environments     **
**                         for Mobile Robots                          **
** AASS Mobile Robotics and Olfaction Lab, Örebro University - Sweden **

One fully funded Ph.D. student position (3 years) is immediately available at
the AASS Mobile Robotics and Olfaction Lab, University of Örebro, Sweden. The
position could also be adapted for a postdoc.

**Ph.D. Position**

The Ph.D. project is funded by the EU project SPENCER (Social situation-aware
perception and action for cognitive robots). SPENCER aims to break new ground
for cognitive systems in populated environments by addressing basic problems in
making robots more socially aware: (1) perception of individual humans and
groups, (2) normative human behaviour learning and modelling, (3) socially-aware
semantic mapping, (4) safe operation and (5) socially-aware task, motion and
interaction planning in populated environments. The SPENCER consortium includes
among six academic partners a large European airline (KLM) as end-user that will
deploy the SPENCER robotic demonstrator for the purpose of smart flow management
of transfer passengers at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The successful Ph.D. candidate will join the AASS Mobile Robotics and Olfaction
Lab, Örebro University. Research work will be dedicated to problems related to
3D perception, localization in dynamic environments and the creation of maps
that indicate where different types of social behaviours occur.


In addition to a strong interest in the topic, a solid theoretical background
and excellent programming skills, applicants should also have the equivalent of
a Master's degree in a relevant field (e.g., Robotics, Applied Mathematics,
Computer Science, Physics, etc). Previous experience in Robotics is a plus.
Proficiency in written/spoken English is mandatory.


To apply for the position, please send a motivation letter along with an updated
CV (including at least two academic references) by e mail to Achim J. Lilienthal
(achim.lilienthal at oru.se). Applications can be sent immediately and will be
considered until the position is fixed.


The Ph.D. student will join the AASS Mobile Robot and Olfaction lab (see
http://aass.oru.se/Research/mro/), one of the two research groups at the AASS
(Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems) research unit (http://www.oru.se/aass). The
research and human environment at AASS is young and enthusiastic, and Ph.D.
students come from different countries and have different scientific and
cultural backgrounds. AASS often hosts international researchers, and is
involved in several international projects, thus providing Ph.D. students with
opportunities to travel and cooperate with people in other countries.

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Achim J. Lilienthal (achim.lilienthal at oru.se
<mailto:achim.lilienthal at oru.se>)

Closing date: Applications can be sent immediately and will be considered until
the position is filled.

Detailed information can be found at


Achim J. Lilienthal, PhD, Dipl.-Phys.
Associate Professor
Head of AASS Mobile Robot and Olfaction Lab (formerly the AASS Learning Systems Lab)
www.aass.oru.se/Research/mro/ <http://www.aass.oru.se/Research/mro/>
AASS, School of Science and Technology, Örebro University
www.aass.oru.se <http://www.aass.oru.se>
  Örebro University,
  Studentgatan 1,
  70182 Örebro, Sweden
  achim.lilienthal at oru.se <mailto:achim.lilienthal at oru.se>
  (+46|0) / 19 / 30 - 3602
  (+46/0) / 19 / 30 - 3463
<http://www.aass.oru.se/Research/mro/amll.html> (Personal Page)

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