[robotics-worldwide] CFP: Special Issue of he Journal of Software Engineering for Robotics

Davide Brugali brugali at unibg.it
Thu Jun 6 14:28:34 PDT 2013

++++                      CALL FOR PAPERS
++++                 Special Issue of the Journal on
++++                         www.joser.org
++++                    Deadline: 15 October 2013

Theme of the issue : Best Practice in Robot Software Development


The special issue is intended to publish contributions that reports on 
lessons learned in software development behind the scenes of successful 
academic and industrial robotics projects. Typically, graduate students 
in robotics PhD programs and software developers in robotics companies 
do not receive credit for their software development efforts needed to 
demonstrate the applicability and effectiveness of a new scientific 
achievement or fame for their contribution to the success of robotic 

The special issue seeks articles that report on the role of software 
development in robotics projects, whose success is demonstrated by 
references to PhD thesis, scientific articles, successful participations 
of robot competitions, and/or exploitable results (tools, systems, 
products, etc.). The core contribution of submitted papers should be the 
lessons learned about software development for a robotic project. These 
could have the form of development guidelines, documentation guidelines, 
patterns and anti-patterns, reusable models, etc.

Example Topics (not limited to) :

+ Analysis of issues and challenges in the development of software 
systems that make the robotic domain similar/different to other 
application domains (e.g. automotive, factory automation)

+ Identification of recurrent concepts, aspects, and requirements in 
robot software development, that may lead to the definition of standard 
/ common / unified architectures

+ Documentation of software models that lead to reusable robotic 
software design and that may enable measures and procedures to evaluate 
software quality factors

+ Software environments and tools that simplify the design, 
implementation, and reuse of robot software architectures.

+ Experience reports on using commercial or open-source software tools.

Author guidelines:

To establish coherence between the papers, submissions must address the 
following points, where relevant:

+ Where does the work fit in the development of software for robotics?

+ Which successful robot application, PhD thesis, scientific article is 
the paper based on?

+ What problem/deficit/need does the work address?

+ Which lessons have been learned that can be considered best practice 
in software development in robotics?

+ To what extent these lessons learned are robotic-specific?

Two kind of papers can be submitted to this special issue. Research 
papers must be of a nominal length of 15 pages each. Short papers must 
be of a nominal length of 8 pages each. Submissions are peer-reviewed. 
All manuscripts should be prepared according to the JOSER author 
guidelines available at:


In order to submit a paper, authors need an account for the Joser Web 
Portal, which can be obtained by sending a request to brugali at unibg.it

Important Dates:

Submission deadline: 	October 15th, 2013.
Authors notification:	January 15th, 2013
Issue date:		March 2014.


Davide Brugali, Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Italy, brugali at unibg.it

Nico Hochgeschwender, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University, Germany, 
nico.hochgeschwender at h-brs.de

Roland Philippsen, Halmstad University, Sweden,
roland.philippsen at hh.se

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