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*Call for Papers for Special Issue on " Haptics in HRI: Cooperation and 
Communication "
in Journal of Human-Robot Interaction* [pdf version here 

*[Scope] *
Coming generations of robots will share physical space with humans, 
engaging in contact interactions (physical Human Robot Interaction, or 
pHRI) as they carry out cooperative tasks. This special issue turns a 
spotlight on the specific roles that crafted haptic interaction (tactile 
and proproceptive) can play in cooperation and communication between a 
human and a robotic partner, from the viewpoints of human needs, 
capabilities and expectations and of engineering implementation.
Physical interaction brings specific challenges to many aspects of robot 
development and evaluation. Relative to non-contact robots, these 
require demanding hardware technologies that can meet high safety 
requirements, built-in adaptability to comply with unpredictable human 
behavior, embodied intelligence with distributed sensing and active 
perception capabilities, intuitive programmability of nonrepetitive 
movement that will nevertheless be predictable and unthreatening to the 
user, and crafting of a physical language of communication.
However, recent developments in sensing, actuation, microprocessors and 
robot control platforms and standards are making many of these issues 
more manageable. Robots are already showing up in health, automation and 
home-based assistance, and physical contact is going to be a relevant 
and often crucial part of these scenarios.
The goal of this issue is to compile a snapshot of where we stand 
technologically as this movement gains traction, and provide a vision 
for where the touch modality can provide a powerful convergence with HRI 
applications for the purpose of communication and cooperation. We 
welcome your submissions.

*[Topics of Interest]*
Papers will include technology and/or interactive or experimental 
developments and requirements. It is essential that papers emphasize the 
relevance of both humans and the haptic modality in the HRI, in the role 
of enhancing cooperation and communication.  Topics of interest include 
but are not limited to:

?    Haptic-mediated human-robot cooperation
?    Functional social signaling (e.g. task progression, turntaking, 
disturbance handling, etc)
?    Communication of affect and emotion through haptics
?    Interplay of haptic communication with other sensory and display 
?    Inference of user parameters or state via human contact, e.g. in 
support of intelligent interaction, and of fusing information from other 
?    Coordination of, and/or compliance control in, cooperative, 
shared-force tasks
?    Novel interaction paradigms
?    Technological and social approaches for safe pHRI, actual and perceived
?    Pioneering applications utilizing physical user interaction in robotics
?    Evaluative methodology in support of any of the above.

Papers must contain high-quality original contributions and be prepared 
in accordance with the Journal of Human Robot Interaction standards. 
Submitted manuscripts must not have been published or be under review 
for possible publication. All papers will be reviewed in a single-blind 

*[Important dates]*
? *  August 6, 2013      Submission deadline*
?    October 15, 2013     Notification of initial reviews
?    November 19, 2013     Revised submission deadline
?    December 17, 2013    Notification of final reviews
?    January 14, 2014    Final camera-ready submission deadline
?    February 11, 2014    Online publication

*[Guest Editors]*
Karon E. MacLean, University of British Columbia, maclean at cs.ubc.ca
Antonio Frisoli, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, a.frisoli at sssup.it
For further information or specific request, please feel free to contact 
guest editors by e-mail.

*[Submission Instructions]*
JHRI is a completely open access (OA) journal, supporting unrestricted 
access to research information on the Web and open commentary from the 
community on published papers.
?    Submissions will be accepted online: humanrobotinteraction.org/journal
?    Paper will be reviewed in a single-blind manner. Please include 
authors' names and affiliations.

This SI is sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics, a pdf 
version of the call for papers is available from here 

Antonio Frisoli, PhD Eng.

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Head of Human-Robot Interaction Area
PERCRO Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Via Alamanni, 13b
56017, Ghezzano (San Giuliano Terme), Italy
tel.: +39 050 882549
fax. +39 050 882564
E-mail:a.frisoli at sssup.it
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