[robotics-worldwide] Open-source robotics platform for researchers and makers

Andrey Nechypurenko andreynech at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 11 14:29:21 PDT 2013

Dear robotics enthusiasts,

with this email I would like to introduce you our open-source project
where we have built robotics vehicle for research and education
purposes: http://veterobot.org .

Most of the vehicle is made with 3D-printing technology. The vehicle
is equipped with two video cameras, ultrasound range finders, GPS
receiver and compass. As a connectivity option, WLan or UMTS USB
dongle could be used. The set of sensors could be easily changed for
particular project needs. We are using BeagleBoard-xM running Linux as
an on-board computer.

In addition, we provide the base software layer where we implement
communication infrastructure which makes all sensors and actuators
visible over the Internet (including adaptive real-time
video-streaming, solution for firewall/NAT problems, etc.) which
allows us to say that we support cloud-robotics. We have also
implemented high-quality motor-control driver using Xenomai real-time
kernel extension with integer-arithmetic PID controller. The vehicle
could be operated in autonomous mode or controlled manually using our
driver "cockpit" application.

To illustrate the applicability of this platform for educational
purposes, we have re-implemented several homeworks from Udacity's
"Programming Robotic Car" course where we kept the core as described
in the class but replace control commands to navigate our robot
instead of simulated one. More details are available at the
corresponding demo page here: http://veterobot.org/demos.html .

All the CAD models for 3D printing, schematic and software is
completely open source. Corresponding links could be found here:

I would appreciate any comments, improvement suggestions or any other
feedback. Please feel free to join the community
(http://veterobot.com/participate.html) and discuss whatever questions
you might have .

Thank you,
Andrey Nechypurenko (one of the core project developers).

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