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Antonio Frisoli a.frisoli at sssup.it
Thu Jun 13 12:56:20 PDT 2013

The Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa-Italy opens a call for 
applications for several PhD positions in the area of Perceptual 
Robotics at the Institute for Telecommunication, Information and 
Perception Technologies (TeCIP Institute).
PhD Positions in Perceptual Robotics *
6 positions are available in the PhD Perceptual Robotics curriculum, of 
which 3 with full scholarship.
The Perceptual Robotics curriculum offers the opportunity for students 
to undertake in-depth research on the themes of presence and advanced 
robotic technologies for the interaction in Virtual Environments and in 
Robotics. The program will allow students to work in a multidisciplinary 
and collaborative environment, with the opportunity of implementing and 
testing new ideas and concepts through the experimental facilities of 
the Scuola.

Applications for PhD are solicited in and not only in the following areas:
- Wearable robotics, new cutaneous and wearable haptic devices,  new 
sensors and actuators, novel applications of robotic applications to 
rehabilitation, (contact a.frisoli at sssup.it)
- Human perception,  haptic interaction in virtual environments, 
(contact bergamasco at sssup.it )
- Machine learning and intelligent controllers for human perception, 
teleoperation for autonomous robots, (contact c.avizzano at sssup.it)
- Immersive Virtual Environments, Advanced Interactive Computer 
Graphics, Mobile Augmented Reality,  Applications of Virtual and 
Augmented Technologies, (contact f.tecchia at sssup.it )
- Energy efficiency for robotics, mechatronic systems for energy 
harvesting,  (contact m.fontana at sssup.it )

In addition to the above 3 further full scholarships will be financed 
respectively by the Sequoia Automation on the theme of “High altitude 
wind generation”, by Telecom Joint Open Lab on the theme of “Sport and 
Well-being: zero-power wearable motion tracking” and by Ansaldo Energia 
on the theme of “Real-time Immersive Visualization of Industrial Virtual 

The PhD program deals with several application domains, such as cultural 
heritage, technological aids for disabled persons, entertainment, 
medicine, simulators, rehabilitation, industrial design, training, 
interaction design. The candidates will carry out their activities on 
research themes of relevant interest at the European and international 
level, working in strict cooperation with leading actors in the above 
domains, including research institutions and industrial enterprises.
Details on PhD students allowance and benefits are available on the PhD 
Call for Application available at http://www.sssup.it/phdtecip .

*The Doctoral Programme in Emerging Digital Technologies*
The International Doctoral Programme in Emerging Digital Technologies is 
a three-year residential program with highly interdisciplinary 
connotation, involving structured courses and supervised research 
yielding an original dissertation to be discussed in a public 
examination. Teaching and working language is English.
The Ph.D. program provides lecture attendance and passing of the related 
exams, research activities, attendance of seminars and summer schools 
and periods abroad. At the end of the Ph.D. program, students will 
possess solid scientific and engineering skills, the ability to conceive 
and carry out original research projects, and an autonomous 
entrepreneurship spirit.
Admission Requirements
Applicants must hold a Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree or equivalent 
title without any restriction on the nationality of origin. Applicants 
should not be older than 35 years on July 5, 2013. Older than 35 may be 
exceptionally admitted by the Selection Committee considering their 
Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum.
Non-EU applicants should have already earned the Master of Science 
(M.Sc.) Degree at the closing date of this call, and must enclose the 
relevant diploma or temporary certification among the enclosures 
submitted online. Current undergraduate students with EU citizenship, or 
non-EU undergraduate students attending a Master Degree Programme in EU, 
who will obtain a M.Sc. degree before October 31, 2013, may also apply. 
In this case, a successful application will be conditional to the 
subsequent completion of the degree and the transmission to the School 
of the adequate documentation, no later than November 4, 2013.
Important dates*
*•    Submission of application – by July 4, 2013*
•    Titles assessment – by July 17, 2013
•    Interviews – July 25th and 26, 2013
•    Final ranking list - by July 31, 2013
The Ph.D. Programme will start on November 4, 2013.
How to apply*
For further information please contact for scientific information Prof. 
Antonio Frisoli at a.frisoli at sssup.it  and Prof. Carlo A. Avizzano at 
c.avizzano at sssup.it, and for all administrative issues feel free to 
contact phdtecip at sssup.it
Applications can be submitted on-line directly at 

*The TeCIP Institute at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa
*The Institute of Communication, lnformation and Perception Technologies 
(TeCIP), was established in 2001 as a Center of Excellence by the 
Italian University Education Ministry. It provides research and training 
related to information, communication, and perception technologies, 
focusing on computer applications and computer systems for embedded 
real-time systems; sensor networks; the study, design and construction 
of communication networks with partial or total use of photonic 
technologies; the use of photonic technologies in sensors and in 
biophotonics; and virtual environments and robotic systems as interfaces 
for the study of human-computer interactions and human perception.
The main aims of the institute are:
- promote research, including interdisciplinary, scientific and 
technological research of the highest quality, by attracting new 
resources and by increasingly asserting their role and identity both 
within Italy and internationally;
- offer innovative educational programs for postgraduates, PhD and 
Master students, and those attending first and second level standard 
courses in fields related to the activity of the institute and in 
accordance with organizational guidelines and regulations of the School.

Antonio Frisoli, PhD Eng.

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Head of Human-Robot Interaction Area
PERCRO Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Via Alamanni, 13b
56017, Ghezzano (San Giuliano Terme), Italy
tel.: +39 050 882549
fax. +39 050 882564
E-mail:a.frisoli at sssup.it
URL:www.percro.org, percro.sssup.it/~antony

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