[robotics-worldwide] PhD position available: University of Birmingham, UK, Learning Models of Complex Human Behaviour

Jeremy Wyatt jlw at cs.bham.ac.uk
Sun Jun 16 02:15:40 PDT 2013

A PhD position is available in the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory 
(IRLab) at the University of Birmingham

This project is part of an FP7 project called Strands 
(http://www.strands-project.eu/), involving 30+ people, of whom a team 
of 6 work at the Birmingham IRLab 
(http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/research/groupings/robotics/). In the overall 
project we investigate the task a robot that must perform 4D mapping. By 
this we mean producing not just a map of space (3D mapping), but also of 
the activities that occur within that space.  Such activity maps are 
necessary for robots to act within a space shared with humans.

The activities performed in an environment by many humans over a period 
of time can typically be viewed as being composed of many smaller 
complex events and interactions. Many of these events occur 
periodically. There are differences across repetitions. The challenge of 
this PhD is how to recognise and exploit this periodicity in order to 
build compact models of complex behaviour involving multiple humans over 
long timescales (hours and days). The work will consider how the 
ordering and frequency of sub-events can be learned, taking account of 
the fact that sometimes particular sub-events may not occur, or that 
their ordering may be changed.

The IRLab at Birmingham is a leading European lab working in many 
aspects of intelligent robotics. The group has five faculty, seven 
research fellows and fifteen research students. The lab has a state of 
the art equipment with access to a wide range of advanced platforms for 
mobility and manipulation.

You should have a Batchelors or Masters in Computer Science, Electronic 
Engineering, Mathematics or Physics. You should have excellent 
mathematical and coding skills. You will have graduated in the top 5% of 
your class.

In the first instance contact Jeremy Wyatt and Nick Hawes 
(jlw at cs.bham.ac.uk, nah at cs.bham.ac.uk), with your CV and transcript. Put 
"Strands Learning PhD application" in the subject line.  Deadline for 
applications is the 30th June, late applications will be considered if 
the appointment process hasn't gone too far.

Prof Jeremy L Wyatt
Intelligent Robotics Lab
Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics
School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham
www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~jlw || +44 121 414 4788

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