[robotics-worldwide] Schedule available: RSS '13 Workshop on Robotic Exploration, Monitoring and Information Collection

Geoff Hollinger gahollin at usc.edu
Thu Jun 20 12:26:09 PDT 2013

                RSS 2013 Workshop on

 Robotic Exploration, Monitoring, and Information Collection:
      Nonparametric Modeling, Information-based Control,
           and Planning under Uncertainty

                      Berlin, Germany
                     June 27-28, 2013

*Schedule now available!*

A fundamental problem in robotics is efficient exploration and
monitoring in uncertain environments. High-impact applications include
aerial surveillance, ocean monitoring, urban search and rescue, space
exploration, robotic surgery, and manipulation planning. Progress in
this area requires solving three major sub-problems: (1) modeling the
environment to maximize the accuracy of predictions based on limited
information, (2) controlling a robot so that its motion maximally
reduces its uncertainty about the environment, and (3) planning a
motion for a robot to accomplish a specified task in an uncertain
environment. These three problems are intimately linked, but research
in these topic areas has largely proceeded independently. Following
the success of our workshop on a subset of these topics at RSS12, this
expanded workshop will bring together leading researchers in motion
planning, information-based control, and nonparametric modeling to
fuel an exchange of ideas between these diverse communities.

Invited speakers
Jonathan How, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Hsu, National University of Singapore
Andreas Krause, ETH Zurich
Bryan Low, National University of Singapore
Leslie Kaelbling and Tomas Lozano-Perez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sidd Sirinivasa, Carnegie Mellon University
Nick Roy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brian Williams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Geoffrey Hollinger, Oregon State University
Sertac Karaman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fabio Ramos, ACFR University of Sydney
Mac Schwager, Boston University
Cyrill Stachniss, University of Freiburg
Claire Tomlin, University of California at Berkeley
Michael Vitus, University of California at Berkeley
Stefan Williams, ACFR University of Sydney

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