[robotics-worldwide] IRCCyN (Nantes, France) is offering 4 robotics research engineer positions (24 months)

Philippe Martinet Philippe.Martinet at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr
Mon Jun 24 21:54:56 PDT 2013

The robotics team from IRCCYN is offering 4 research engineer positions 
(24 months each) in the framework of the national project ROBOTEX 
starting september/october 2013:
- IR1 : Research Engineer in Humanoid Robotics (24 months)
   contact : Christine Chevallereau 
<Christine.Chevallereau at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr> 
<mailto:Christine.Chevallereau at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr>
  (More... http://www.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr/~martinet/FEDER/IR1.pdf 
- IR2 : Research Engineer in Production Robotics (24 months)
   contact : Furet Benoit <benoit.furet at univ-nantes.fr> 
<mailto:benoit.furet at univ-nantes.fr>
  (More... http://www.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr/~martinet/FEDER/IR2.pdf 
- IR3 : Research Engineer in Production Robotics (24 months)
   contact: Anatol PASHKEVICH <anatol.pashkevich at mines-nantes.fr> 
<mailto:anatol.pashkevich at mines-nantes.fr>
  (More... http://www.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr/~martinet/FEDER/IR3.pdf 
- IR4 : Research Engineer in Mobile robotics (24 months)
   contact: Martinet Philippe <Philippe.Martinet at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr> 
<mailto:Philippe.Martinet at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr>and Gaëtan GARCIA 
<Gaetan.Garcia at ec-nantes.fr> <mailto:Gaetan.Garcia at ec-nantes.fr>
  (More... http://www.irccyn.ec-nantes.fr/~martinet/FEDER/IR4.pdf 

The schedule is very tight:
- submit your candidature until july 8th to the corresponding contact 
and myself in copy
   We will appreciate to have :
          * a detailed CV,
          * motivation letter explaining your main interests in the 
position and highlighting your attractive features regarding the position,
          * details on your academic cursus (including the notes, in 
case you dont have enough experience),
          * publications lists if any (pdf of the main ones)
          * details on your experience
- interview will be organized starting early july until july 17th
- selection will be given around july 22th.

Philippe Martinet
Professor at Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Researcher at IRCCYN (CNRS joint unit) in Nantes
Associated Researcher at Pascal Institute in Clermont-Ferrand (CNRS joint unit)

Phone: +33 240 376 975, Sec : +33 240 376 934
Philippe.Martinet at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr
Office 512

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