[robotics-worldwide] Job opportunities - Four research activity grants available at CNR-ISSIA Genoa division

Gabriele Bruzzone gabriele.bruzzone at ge.issia.cnr.it
Mon Mar 4 06:57:01 PST 2013

The CNR-ISSIA (Institute of Intelligent Systems for Automation of the 
National Research Council of Italy) - Genoa division is a European 
leading institution in the field of marine robotics with almost twenty 
years of experience in the development and exploitation of unmanned 
marine vehicles, i.e. ROVs such as Roby and Romeo, and USVs such as 
Charlie, ALANIS, SWAP II and CART.
The marine robotics research group, that is currently partner of 2 
ongoing EC FP7 projects, has also a consolidated track in transfer of 
technology to industrial partners, and in particular SMEs (Small and 
Medium-sized Enterprises) operating in the field of industrial 
automation and robotics. The researchers of the group are authors of 
more than 30 papers on international peer review journals and more than 
100 papers in international conferences.
At the moment, the CNR-ISSIA Genoa division is offering four grants for 
carrying out theoretical and experimental research activities.
The main topics of the research grants are:
- Study of an anti-collision system for civilian avionic platforms 
(grant number: CNR ISSIA AR GE 001 2013)
- Study of methodologies for modelling, identification and control of a 
hovercraft (grant number: CNR ISSIA AR GE 002 2013)
- Study of advanced manipulation systems at uncertain dynamics in 
non/less structured environment (grant number: CNR ISSIA AR GE 003 2013)
- Standardisation of the monitoring and control architecture of the Ship 
Automation System according SRP and SMS requirements (grant number: CNR 
ISSIA AR GE 004 2013)
Each research grant will last for 12 (twelve) months and the expected 
starting date is foreseen for the beginning of May 2013.
The amount of each research grant, paid in monthly instalments, is 
established in Euro 19367,00 for year, net of expenses borne by the CNR.
The deadline for participating to the calls related to the grants is 
March, 29th 2013.

The grant calls are available at the following URLs:

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Gabriele Bruzzone

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