[robotics-worldwide] Free robot hand kits

Raphael Deimel raphael.deimel at tu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 12 04:44:43 PDT 2013

We would like to share with the robotics community our experiences with 
manufacturing low-cost, safe, compliant robot hands. They are very cheap 
and easy to build, so we decided to publish the manufacturing process 
and also give out 10 construction kits to other labs, each containing 
three fingers.

Each kit contains three ready-to-use fingers (PneuFlex actuators) and a 
syringe for inflating (=flexing) them.
If you are interested in getting one, please visit:


and apply until March 20th, 2013.

PneuFlex actuators are easy to build and customize yourself.  We created 
a step-by-step tutorial of the manufacturing process:


Raphael Deimel
Robotics and Biology Lab
Berlin University of Technology

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