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                            CALL FOR PAPERS

                            3rd WORKSHOP on

    Semantic Perception, Mapping and Exploration (SPME)

                  Karlsruhe, Germany, May 5th, 2013

http://spme.ws <http://spme.ws/>



Important Dates:


* Submissions Due: March 29, 2013 (Extended)

* Notification of Acceptance: April 15, 2013

* Final Papers Due: April 30, 2013

* Workshop at ICRA: May 5, 2013

The 3rd Workshop on Semantic Perception, Mapping and Exploration (SPME) 
will take place on Sunday 5th at Kongresszentrum Karlsruhe (one day 
before ICRA 2013 at the same venue)  as an independent event in 
conjunction with ICRA.


Motivation and objectives:


As robots and autonomous systems move away from laboratory setups 
towards complex real-world scenarios, both the perception capabilities 
of these systems and their abilities to acquire and model semantic 
information must become more powerful. The autonomous acquisition of 
information, the extraction of semantic models, and exploration 
strategies for deciding where and how to acquire the most relevant 
information pertinent to a specific semantic model are the research foci 
of an annual series of workshops, called Semantic Perception, Mapping 
and Exploration (SPME).

Semantic perception has long been seen as one of the most challenging 
aspects in developing complex intelligent systems that need to interact 
with the world. Within this aspect, the capability of recognizing 
objects in an unknown environment, i.e., semantic object perception, has 
recently become the center of attention of numerous research efforts, 
motivated on the one hand by the frequency with which this problem 
typically occurs in common applications, and on the other by the desire 
of providing current robotic solutions with reliable perception systems. 
Its current challenges encompass not only improving the robustness of 
semantic object perception technology, but also developing effective 
solutions capable of running in real-time on mobile, power-limited 

The goal of the third edition of this workshop is to provide a snapshot 
of the state of the art in semantic object perception algorithms and 
technologies. It will touch on both the academic and industrial side, 
offering the opportunity for interested applicants to engage in dialog 
and interaction. The current edition of the workshop will be organized 
in conjunction with the International Conference on Robotics and 
Automation (ICRA 2013) and at the same venue, the Kongresszentrum in 
Karlsruhe, Germany.




We solicit paper submissions, optionally accompanied by a video, both of 
which will be reviewed (not double-blind) by the program committee. The 
review criteria will be: technical quality, significance of system 
demonstration, and topicality. We aim to accept 9 to 12 papers for oral 
presentation at the meeting. Papers should be up to 6 pages in length, 
and formatted according to the IEEE ICRA style (please 
seewww.icra2013.org/?page_id=99 <http://www.icra2013.org/?page_id=99>) . 
Videos will be shown during an afternoon session open to the public. 
Accepted papers and videos will be assembled into proceedings that are 
going to be published online. In addition, we will pursue publication of 
a special journal issue to include the best papers.

This edition of the annual workshop series focuses on (3D) semantic 
object perception. Topics of interest include, but are not necessarily 
limited to:

* 3D/RGB-D object recognition in clutter and occlusions

* 3D/RGB-D Object categorization

* Object perception for robotics manipulation

* 3D semantic segmentation and semantic scene interpretation

* 3D/RGB-D registration and alignment

* 3D/RGB-D object modeling

* 3D/RGB-D object tracking

Please find on the workshop website (www.spme.ws <http://www.spme.ws/>) 
more detailed information including the submission website. You can 
contact the organizers at: spme at spme.ws.


Program Committee:


* Francesco Amigoni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

* Sven Behnke, University of Bonn, Germany

* Wolfram Burgard, University of Freiburg, Germany

* Luigi Di Stefano, University of Bologna, Italy

* Tom Duckett, University of Lincoln, UK

* Jared Glover, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

* Joachim Hertzberg, University of Osnabruck, Germany

* Patric Jensfelt, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

* Jim Little, University of British Columbia, Canada

* Daniel Munoz, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

* Dejan Pangercic, Robert Bosch LLC, USA

* Alessandro Saffiotti, Orebro University, Sweden

* Alexander Stoytchev, Iowa State University, USA

* Michael Zillich, TU Vienna, Austria


Invited talks:


The workshop will also feature invited talks from key researchers in the 

* Pieter Abbeel, UC Berkeley, USA

* Darius Burschka, TU Muenchen, Germany

* Dieter Fox, University of Washington, USA

* Larry Matthies, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA

* Marc Pollefeys, ETH Zurich, Switzerland




Dirk Holz, University of Bonn, Germany

Federico Tombari, University of Bologna, Italy

Aitor Aldoma, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Andreas Nuechter, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

Andrzej Pronobis, University of Washington, USA

Radu Bogdan Rusu, Open Perception, USA




mailto:spme at spme.ws

http://spme.ws <http://spme.ws/>


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