[robotics-worldwide] Call for Participation: ICRA 2013 Workshop on Towards Fully Decentralized Multi-Robot Systems: Hardware, Software and Integration

Antonio Franchi antonio.franchi at tuebingen.mpg.de
Thu May 2 17:33:16 PDT 2013


Towards Fully Decentralized Multi-Robot Systems: Hardware, Software and Integration

Full-day Workshop held in conjunction with the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

Monday, May 6, 2013,  8.15AM - 6.15PM 

Mombert room, Kongresszentrum, Karlsruhe, Germany


official: http://icra2013mrs.tuebingen.mpg.de/

mirror: http://antoniofranchi.com/icra2013mrs/


Vijay Kumar (UPENN)
Volkan Isler, Pratap Tokekar (UMN)
Alcherio Martinoli (EPFL)
Daniela Rus, Stephanie Gil (MIT)
Oskar von Stryk, Karen Petersen (TU-D)
Gaurav Sukhatme (USC)


multi-robot systems
software architectures for many robots
mobile and aerial robotics
robotics middleware and testbeds
distributed multi-agent control
mobile sensor swarms
robustness to hardware/system failures
heterogeneous vs. homogeneous platforms
communication reliability
decentralized communication infrastructures
mobile ad-hoc networks
human/multi-robot interaction and cooperation
real-time multi-robot simulation
hardware robotic frameworks


Contributions are downloadable from http://icra2013mrs.tuebingen.mpg.de/.
Slides of the invited talks will be available after the workshop.


Haptic Remote Control of Multiple UAVs:
In the interactive demo the attendants will bilaterally (haptically) control a group of real quadrotor UAVs remotely located at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen.


Up-to-date program at http://icra2013mrs.tuebingen.mpg.de/

Main room of the workshop: Mombert 

Interactive presentations and Quadrotor Teleoperation Demo will happen in the Interactive Sessions Area 

08:10 Welcome

Invited Talks (Room Mombert)

08:30 Alcherio Martinoli (EPFL) - Modeling and Control of Distributed Stochastic Robotic Systems

09:00 Gaurav Sukhatme (USC)

Interactive session  (Teasers: room Mombert, Interactive presentations: Interactive Sessions Area)

09:30 Implementation of Cooperative Dynamic Behaviors in Networked Systems with Controllability Preservation -
Lorenzo Sabattini, Cristian Secchi, Matteo Cocetti and Cesare Fantuzzi

09:35 Discussion of Multi-Robot Exploration in Communication-Limited Environments -
Arnoud Visser, Julian de Hoog, Adrian Jiménez-González and José Ramiro Martínez de-Dios

09:40 A Software Framework for Multi-Robot Human Interaction - 
Junaed Sattar, Marc Grimson and James Little

09:45 SwarmSimX and TeleKyb: Two ROS-integrated Software Frameworks for Single- and Multi-Robot Applications - 
Johannes Lächele, Martin Riedel, Paolo Robuffo Giordano and Antonio Franchi

09:50 Multi-UAS Testbed for Wireless Communication Experiments - 
Maciej Stachura, Jack Elston, Eric W. Frew, Brian Argrow, Timothy X. Brown and Cory Dixon

10:00 Coffee Break

10:30 Interactive presentations (Interactive Sessions Area)

11:30 Transfer back to room Mombert

Invited Talks (Room Mombert)

11:40 Volkan Isler/Pratap Tokekar (presenter) (UMN)- Robotic Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring

12:10 Vijay Kumar (UPENN) - Platform Scale and Group Size Considerations in Architecture Design

12:40 Lunch

Invited Talks (Room Mombert)

02:00 Oskar von Stryk/Karen Petersen (presenter) (TU-D) - Supervision of Heterogeneous Robot Teams with Application to Urban Search and Rescue

02:30 Antonio Franchi and Paolo Robuffo Giordano (MPI/CNRS) - Autonomy and Human Interaction in Multi-Robot Systems

Interactive session (Teasers: room Mombert, Interactive presentations: Interactive Sessions Area)

03:00 Communication Integrated Control Architecture in Multirobot Systems - 
Hakan Karaogouz, Haluk Bayram and H. Isil Bozma

03:05 A Communication-Bandwidth-Aware Hybrid Estimation Framework for Multi-robot Cooperative Localization - 
Esha D. Nerurkar and Stergios I. Roumeliotis

03:10 A Software Suite for the Control and the Monitoring of Adaptive Robotic Ecologies - 
Mauro Dragone, Maurizio Di Rocco, Federico Pecora and Alessandro Saffiotti

03:15 Interactive Demo: Haptic Remote Control of Multiple UAVs with Autonomous Cohesive Behavior - 
Thomas Nestmeyer, M. Riedel, J. Lächele, S. Hartmann, F. Botschen, P. Robuffo Giordano and A. Franchi

03:20 Concurrent Bayesian Learners for Multi-Robot Patrolling Missions - 
David Portugal, Micael S. Couceiro and Rui P. Rocha

03:30 Coffee Break

04:00 Interactive presentations and Haptic Remote Control of Multiple UAVs Interactive demo (Interactive Sessions Area)

05:00 Transfer back to room Mombert

Invited Talk and Final Discussion (Room Mombert)

05:10 Daniela Rus/Stephanie Gil (MIT) - Multi-Agent Coordination for Optimizing Communication in Heterogeneous Robot Networks

05:40 Discussion

06:15 End of the Workshop

Antonio Franchi - MPI
Paolo Robuffo Giordano - CNRS
Martin Riedel 
Johannes Lächele - MPI

icra2013mrs at tuebingen.mpg.de

Antonio Franchi, Paolo Robuffo Giordano, Martin Riedel, and Johannes Lächele

Dr. Antonio Franchi

Project Leader at the 
Max PIanck Institute for biological Cybernetics
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