[robotics-worldwide] fellowship in Siena on Wearable Haptics for Humans and Robots

Domenico Prattichizzo domenico.prattichizzo at gmail.com
Sun May 12 01:10:02 PDT 2013

* 6 months fellowship in Siena on Wearable Haptics for Humans and Robots * 

A call is open for a short-term research position spanning six months, from mid
June or beginning of july 2013, at the Department of Information Engineering and
Mathematical Sciences, University of Siena, Italy under the supervision of Prof.
Domenico Prattichizzo. This position can be followed by a PhD position on the
same subject.

The research activity will be carried out for the EU project "Wearable Haptics
for Humans and Robots" (WEARHAP) coordinated by Prof. Prattichizzo of University
of Siena. The project aims at laying down the scientific and technological
foundations for wearable haptics, a novel concept that will simplify the way we
interact with the environment and redefine the way humans cooperate with robots.
Objective: Analysis of grasping Research Activity: To support the study of a
dynamic system, representing the human hand, for object grasping tasks. The
selected candidate shall collaborate in investigating the computation of
grasping force distribution based on contact models. This will be important for
rendering the appropriate tactile cues through wearable haptic devices. For
further information on the goals and scope of the project please visit the
project website: www.wearhap.eu. After this six months period, the candidate 
can apply for a PhD position in Siena on the same subject.

Admission requirements: A relevant Master’s degree in Engineering or equivalent
qualification. All European and non-European citizens under the age of 35 who
have graduated from 2008 onwards (max 5 years ago) can apply. Proficiency in
English language is necessary for this position.

After evaluation of academic and non-academic qualifications, an online
interview via Skype/Google/Hangout will be arranged to judge the base knowledge
of the candidate for our requirements on haptics and grasping devices.

The application must be submitted no later than May 27, 2013. 

For additional information contact Prof. Domenico Prattichizzo (prattichizzo at ing.unisi.it).

You can find the call and the application form "FAC-SIMILE DOMANDA" on the following link:


The call documents are in Italian Language. Send an email to Enrica Camparini
(camparini at ing.unisi.it) for receiving information in English Language.

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