[robotics-worldwide] Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) 2013: Early Registration Ends Soon; Student Travel Support Announced; Program Posted

Edwin Olson ebolson at umich.edu
Tue May 14 09:41:15 PDT 2013

                   Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) 2013

                    Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany
                                 June 24-28, 2013

                     *   EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS MAY 15


                     *  PROGRAM POSTED

                      EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS MAY 15

Early registrations (on or before May 15, 2013) are eligible for
discounted rates.

Registration available from the RSS website:



Limited travel funds are available to help support students attending from
US institutions. The application for these funds is part of the registration

                             PROGRAM POSTED

Accepted papers are posted on the RSS website. A summary is also
included at the end of this email.


                          IMPORTANT DATES

Early registration ends: May 15, 2013
Conference: June 24-28, 2013

                            ABOUT RSS

Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) brings together researchers working on
algorithmic and mathematical foundations of robotics, robotics applications, and
analysis of robotic systems. The conference is single-track, and the final
program will be the result of a thorough review process, to give attendees an
opportunity to see the best research in all areas of robotics. The program will
include invited talks as well as oral and poster presentations of refereed
papers.  The main conference sessions will be followed by two days of workshops
and tutorials.  Every effort is being made to keep conference expenses
affordable, particularly for student attendees. All papers presented at the
conference will be made freely available for download on the Internet.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Paul Newman, RSS 2013 General Chair
Dieter Fox, RSS 2013 Program Chair
Edwin Olson, RSS 2013 Publicity Chair


                   ACCEPTED PAPERS

Multi-Hypothesis Social Grouping and Tracking for Mobile Robots
Matthias Luber; Kai Arras

Unsupervised intrinsic calibration of depth sensors via SLAM
Alex Teichman; Stephen Miller; Sebastian Thrun

Infinite Latent Conditional Random Fields for Modeling Environments
through Humans
Yun Jiang; Ashutosh Saxena

Modeling and Evaluating Narrative Gestures for Humanlike Robots
Chien-Ming Huang; Bilge Mutlu

Minimum Constraint Displacement Motion Planning
Hauser Kris

Real-Time Camera Tracking and 3D Reconstruction Using Signed Distance Functions
Erik Bylow; Jürgen Sturm; Christian Kerl; Fredrik Kahl; Daniel Cremers

Correct Software Synthesis for Stable Speed-Controlled Robotic Walking
Neil Dantam; Ayonga Hereid; Aaron Ames; Mike Stilman

Exploiting Urban Scenes for Vision-aided Inertial Navigation
Dimitrios Kottas; Stergios Roumeliotis

Stochastic Motion Planning for Robotic Information Gathering
Geoffrey Hollinger; Gaurav Sukhatme

Anticipating Human Activities using Object Affordances for Reactive
Robotic Response
Hema Koppula; Ashutosh Saxena

Integrated Perception and Planning in the Continuous Space: A POMDP Approach
Haoyu Bai; Hsu David; Wee Sun Lee

Audio based Relative Positioning System for a Swarm of Micro Air Vehicles
Meysam Basiri; Felix Schill; Dario Floreano; Pedro Lima

6-D manipulation with aerial towed-cable systems
Montserrat Manubens; Didier Devaurs; Lluis Ros; Juan Cortés

High Altitude Stereo Visual Odometry
Michael Warren; Ben Upcroft

Deep Learning for Detecting Robotic Grasps
Ian Lenz; Honglak Lee; Ashutosh Saxena

Automatic Online Calibration of Cameras and Lasers
Jesse Levinson; Sebastian Thrun

Grasp Moduli Spaces
Florian Pokorny; Kaiyu Hang; Danica Kragic

Toward a Platform of Human-Like Fingertip Model in Haptic Environment
for Studying Sliding Tactile Mechanism
Anh-Van Ho; Shinichi Hirai

A control framework for tactile servoing
Qiang Li; Carsten Schürmann; Robert Haschke; Helge Ritter

Approximate Representations for Multi-Robot Control Policies that
Maximize Mutual Information
Benjamin Charrow; Vijay Kumar; Nathan Michael

Online Coverage by a Tethered Autonomous Mobile Robot in Planar
Unknown Environments
Iddo Shnaps; Elon Rimon

Active Bayesian Perception for Simultaneous Object Localization and
Nathan Lepora; Uriel Martinez-Hernandez; Tony Prescott

Keyframe-Based Visual-Inertial SLAM using Nonlinear Optimization
Stefan Leutenegger; Paul Furgale; Vincent Rabaud; Margarita Chli; Kurt
Konolige; Roland Siegwart

Learning Semantic Maps from Natural Language Descriptions
Matt Walter; Sachithra Hemachandra; Bianca Homberg; Stefanie Tellex; Seth Teller

Quantitative Evaluation of Standing Stabilization Using Stiff and
Compliant Actuators
Jorhabib Eljaik; Marco Randazzo; Zhibin Li; Nikos Tsagarakis; Francesco Nori

Metastability for High-Dimensional Walking Systems on Stochastically
Rough Terrain
Mehdi Benallegue; Jean-Paul Laumond

An Exact Decentralized Cooperative Navigation Algorithm for
Acoustically Networked Underwater Vehicles with Robustness to Faulty
Communication: Theory and Experiment
Jeffrey Walls; Ryan Eustice

Receding Horizon Control in Dynamic Environments from Temporal Logic
Alphan Ulusoy; Michael Marrazzo; Calin Belta

Maximum Mean Discrepancy Imitation Learning
Beomjoon Kim; Joelle Pineau

Incremental Block Cholesky Factorization for Nonlinear Least Squares in Robotics
Lukas Polok; Viorela Ila; Marek Solony; Pavel Smrz; Pavel Zemcik

On Provably Safe Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Robotic Ground Vehicles
Stefan Mitsch; Khalil Ghorbal; Andre Platzer

A Topological Approach to Using Cables to Separate and Manipulate Sets
of Objects
Soonkyum Kim; Subhrajit Bhattacharya; Hordur Heidarsson; Gaurav
Sukhatme; Vijay Kumar

Fast Interpolation and Time-Optimization on Implicit Contact Submanifolds
Hauser Kris

Perceiving, Learning, and Exploiting Object Affordances for Autonomous
Pile Manipulation
Dov Katz; Arun Venkatraman; Moslem Kazemi; Drew Bagnell; Anthony Stentz

Learning to Plan for Constrained Manipulation from Demonstrations
Phillips Mike; Victor Hwang; Chitta Sachin; Maxim Likhachev

Sorry Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That: Explaining Unachievable Robot
Tasks Using Natural Language
Vasumathi Raman; Constantine Lignos; Cameron Finucane; Kenton C. T.
Lee; Mitch Marcus; Hadas Kress-Gazit

Real-Time EMG driven Lower Limb Actuated Orthosis for Assistance As
Needed Movement Strategy
Walid Hassani; Samer Mohammed; Yacine Amirat

Incremental Semantically Grounded Learning from Demonstration
Scott Niekum; Chitta Sachin; Andrew Barto; Bhaskara Marthi; Sarah Osentoski

Generating Legible Motion
Anca Dragan; Siddhartha Srinivasa

Fast Scheduling of Multi-Robot Teams with Temporospatial Constraints
Matthew Gombolay; Ronald Wilcox; Julie Shah

Adaptive Estimation of Measurement Bias in Three-Dimensional Field
Sensors with Angular Rate Sensors: Theory and Comparative Experimental
Giancarlo Troni; Louis Whitcomb

Goal Assignment and Trajectory Planning for Large Teams of Aerial Robots
Matthew Turpin; Kartik Mohta; Nathan Michael; Vijay Kumar

Vision-Based State Estimation and Trajectory Control Towards
Aggressive Flight with a Quadrotor
Shaojie Shen; Yash Mulgaonkar; Nathan Michael; Vijay Kumar

Pregrasp Manipulation as Trajectory Optimization
Jennifer King; Matthew Klingensmith; Christopher Dellin; Mehmet Dogar;
Prasanna Velagapudi; Nancy Pollard; Siddhartha Srinivasa

Dynamics, Control and Planning for Cooperative Manipulation of
Payloads Suspended by Cables from Multiple Quadrotor Robots
Koushil Sreenath; Vijay Kumar

A model of distributional handing interaction for a mobile robot
Chao Shi; Masahiro Shiomi; Christian Smith; Takayuki Kanda ; Hiroshi Ishiguro

Decentralized Active Demand Sensing and Data Fusion for
Mobility-on-Demand Systems
Jie Chen; Kian Hsiang Low

Realtime Registration-Based Tracking via Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search
Travis Dick; Camilo Perez; Martin Jagersand; Azad Shademan

Bayesian Fusion for Multi-Modal Aerial Images
Alistair Reid; Fabio Ramos

The Influence of Motion Path and Assembly Sequence on Stability of Assemblies
Sourav Rakshit; Srinivas Akella

Optimal Market-based Multi-Robot Task Allocation via Strategic Pricing
Lantao Liu; Dylan Shell

Finding Locally Optimal, Collision-Free Trajectories with Sequential
Convex Optimization
John Schulman

Edwin Olson
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

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