[robotics-worldwide] Workshop on Safety in Robotc Surgery at the Hamlyn Symposium

Paolo Fiorini paolo.fiorini at univr.it
Sat May 18 03:25:49 PDT 2013

The Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics
Workshop on Safety in Robotic Surgery

Date: Tuesday, 25th June 2013

Venue:  Room G34, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London, SW7 2AZ
Location: No 33 on the South Kensington Campus Map, available here.

Website: http://www.hamlyn-robotics.org

Organisers:  Kasper Althoefer, Prokar Dasgupta, and Paolo Fiorini

Workshop Aims:
This workshops aims at summarizing the results and on going discussions within some of the EU-funded 
projects in robotic surgery, such as SAFROS, STIFF-FLOP, Active and microRalp. Although patient 
safety in all types of surgery seems an obvious concept, the close examination of patient safety in 
the specific case of robotic surgery raises a number of concerns. The validity of these concerns is 
demonstrated by the steady growth of lawsuits brought against the manufacturer of surgical robots by 
patients injured during robot-assisted procedures. Safety in surgical procedures involving high 
technology devices is a system issue that cannot be solved by optimizing only one, or few, elements 
involved in the procedure. The optimal balance may be achieved by a combination of factors, 
including technology management, training, logistics, and concentration of robotic procedures into 
centers of excellence.

Topics to be covered:
System centered design in surgical robots
Modular surgical robots design
Surgical robots technology assessment
Safety of surgical robots
New approaches to safe surgical robots
Use cases showing new requirements (end users)
New paradigms in surgical robots
System actions for safety definitions
The role of the training in robotic surgery
Perception and haptics for robotics surgery

Confirmed Speakers:
Kaspar Althoefer
Paolo Fiorini
Prokar Dasgupta
Alberto Arezzo
Timo Cuntz
Rainer konietschke
Joerg Raczkowsky
Christophe LEROUX
Giancarlo Ferrigno

We also encourage the presentation of additional communications in the above areas.
Please send the abstract of the proposed contribution by June 1st to
paolo.fiorini at univr.it

Prof. Paolo Fiorini, PhD
IEEE Fellow
Department of Computer Science, University of Verona
Ca' Vignal 2 - Strada Le Grazie 15,  37134 VERONA - Italy
Ph: +39 045 802 7963 -- Fax: +39 045 802 7068

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